SUGAR SQUAD PROJECT Camila Miranda, Isabella Olivares, Eduardo Perez, Samuel Varona



2 cookies: 2.65 tsps of sugar (Red package)


3 cookies: 2.66-2.80 tsps of sugar, depending on the type and flavor.

Tia Rosa Doraditas.

1 piece: 2.15 tsps of sugar


1 piece: 4.5 tsps of sugar

Cocochoco Cremax

1 bar: 3.42 tsps of sugar


Made with Stevia home-made brownies

No sugar! (in case you dont put Stevia in it)

Vanilla Crisps made with stevia.

Only .75 tsps of sugar

Focaccia bread

Only .45 tsps of sugar

Sugar free or made with Stevia home-made almond berry muffins

No sugar! (in case you dont put Stevia in it)

Sugar-free and no flour peanut butter cookies (made with honey)

Only 4.25 tsps of sugar if you make it with honey you can make them with Stevia.

Food logs


SATURDDAY: Enfrijoladas 0.4g Popcorn 0.9g Pizza 3.6 Lemonade 10g Chicken quesadilla 1.9g.Total: 16.8g and 4.2 tsps

SUNDAY: Cesar salad 2.1g Oreo 12g Teriyaki 8g Popcorn 0.9 Cereal 12g Total 35g and 8.75 tsps

SATURDAY: Fitness cereal 1 cup 35g Special k bar 8g 2 chicken quesadillas 6.8g Fondue with bread 5g Total 54 g and 13.5 tsps

SUNDAY: Orange juice 7g Vegan hot cakes 9g Special k bar 8g 1 quesadilla 4g special k bar again 8g Fondue with bread 5g Total 41g and 10.35 tsps.



SATURDAY: Quesadilla 0g Natural yogurt 0g White chocolate chip 7g Blueberry 0g Chicken 0g Soda "Fresca" 17g Total sugar:24 g= 6 sugar teaspoons

SUNDAY: Breakfast Jack 0g Curly fries 0g Torta de lomo 0g Peñafiel 21g Trader Joe's cereal 4g Cookies 9g Total sugar:34g=8.5 tsps of sugar


SATURDAY: 5 grapes (2g) 3 pieces of banana (3.5) 2 strawberries (1.2) 1 English muffin (6g) with butter (0g) Bacon (0g) About 3/4 of scrambled eggs with 1 ham (0g) 1/4 of a squash (.7) 1 bottle of water 2 kisses (5.2) 2 quesadillas (1.6) Granola bar (6g) Lemon (0g) Winnie (0g) Cup of water (0g) 2 adobada tacos (0g) 1cup of hot chocolate(Milk 13g)(Chocolate 30g) Saturday's total: 66.6 g of sugar and 16.6 teaspoons (aprox.)

SUNDAY: 1 glass of milk (10.94g) 2 tortillas Scrambled eggs with ham (0g) Bottled water 600ml (0g) 2 Valentina wings 2 pieces of carrot (.4g) 1 duvalin (10g) Aprox. 1 cup of rice Chex (.16g I think) 2 more Valentina wings (0g) 1/4 of a water bottle (0g) Sundays total: 21.5g of sugar and 5.3 teaspoons. Total: 21.9 teaspoons (approximately)

SATURDAY:About 3/4 of a cup of Chex cereal 1.5 g of sugar 1 and 1/4 of scrambled eggs with tortilla Toast 4g A cup of soup with lemon (half 2.5g) ,carrot(about a slice .1g) potato (about a piece .6g) and zucchini (about 3 pieces .2g) l Nature valley granola bar 11g 1 bottled water Piece of pasta Lindor chocolate 5g Tostilocos 64.5g caramel popcorn 18g TOTAL GRAMS: 96.4 TOTAL TSPS: 24.1

SUNDAY: Nature valley granola bar 11g Bread with butter 4g 2 hams with cheese 1.6g 1 taco of scrambled eggs with chorizo. Jalapeños with carrots .1g Beans with cheese .8g 1 bottled of water 1 kiss 2.6g 2quesadillas (1.6) 1/4 bottled water About 5 Sour patch watermelon (18.9g) 1 pepperoni pizza (4.2) 1 an a half Hawaiian pizza 4g TOTAL GRAMS: 48.8, TOTAL TSPS: 12.2


MONDAY: 1 bowl of lucky charms, 2 portions of home-made lasagna, hotdog with bacon, 2 cups of milk, 3 cups of orange juice

TUESDAY: 2 eggs with sausage, 1 yomi lala, 1 portion of home-made lasagna, 1/2 sandwich, 2 bowl of zucaritas power balls.

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