The Black Death By Emma Aydin

The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia and peaking in Europe in the years 1346–1353.The Black Death was a very deadly plague /disease that swept through Europe and it was between in 1347 through 1351 . Another common name for the Black Death is the bubonic plague . The Black Death was brought to Europe by trade ships and it killed more than 20 million people 25 to 50 percent of Europe was dead. There went 1/3 of Europe's population .

The way the Black Death was spread most likely carried by Oriental rat fleas living on the black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships. Cures for the Black Death. In the time of the 1347 - 1350 outbreak, doctors were completely unable to prevent or cure the plague. ... Some of the cures they tried included: Rubbing onions, herbs or a chopped up snake (if available) on the boils or cutting up a pigeon and rubbing it over an infected body.


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