"As a fashion photographer, I work with some of the biggest brands in the world. But what motivates me is using that experience to inspire & encourage women to see themselves differently; to learn to love themselves on (and off) camera, and to give back to those who have forgotten how beautiful they really are." - Shannon Michelle

Shannon Michelle

Shannon is a bold, unapologetic, outgoing personality who tells it like it is. She is an award winning fashion photographer, author, speaker and creative consultant. For over ten years, Shannon has worked with some of the biggest brands in fashion. And with that experience, comes a unique & unusual perspective on the industry and what truly makes someone beautiful.

Creator of the "Be Bold, Be Beautiful Boot Camp."


  • Owner of Shannon Michelle Studios.
  • Author of "Beauty Comes From Within and I Can Prove It."
  • Founder of the "Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Boot Camp"
  • Creator of the "Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Portrait Program" [a group of creatives brought together to celebrate those desperate in need of seeing themselves differently. Fully funded by the Be Bold. Be Beautiful product line, every makeover and portrait is fully gifted.]
  • Published in leading magazines, articles, blog posts etc, featured on American Fashion Podcast, MTV's MADE and as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and many more.
  • National PPA [Professional Photographers of America] speaker.
  • Educational products [for photographers] sold worldwide.
  • Keynote: Be Bold. Be Beautiful - By bringing her book "Beauty Comes From Within And I Can Prove It" to life, Shannon takes us behind the scenes into the world of fashion, challenges what we think we know about beauty, and inspires personal growth with grace.
  • Social + Email List - 8k+


  1. What really makes someone beautiful & why most people aren't talking about It?
  2. Why confidence is not needed to look great in photographs.
  3. How photography can actually damage your self esteem.
  4. Why some of us have such a hard time seeing our own beauty?
  5. Why the fashion industry is not to blame for your eating disorders, body image issues or lack of self esteem.
Author of "Beauty Comes From Within and I Can Prove It."


  1. We often hear "you just need confidence" to look good on camera; you don't agree?
  2. Can you give us a few simple secrets to look better in pictures?
  3. What do you have to say to women who look through magazines and say 'why don't I look like that'?
  4. What's your biggest take away from working with fashion models?
  5. You don't think the beauty industry is to blame for body image issues. Why? What is to blame?
  6. Do you ever struggle with body image issues? How do you deal with that?
  7. In just one word, what makes someone beautiful?
  8. You have a book called "Beauty Comes From Within And I Can Prove It." What is it that you hope to accomplish by writing this?



p. 617. 307. 1155

e. shannon@shannon-michelle.com

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