Our mission.

The Resilience of Environmental Services.

Throughout history the planet has been able to clean itself up and recycle on it's own.

However recently human impact has stretched this capacity for renewal to the breaking point.

The planet is groaning under the pressure.

Animal agriculture production yield has far outpaced waste reclamation efforts.

As a result our waterways are over burdened.

The consequences are dead zones in the ocean and enormous methane release from feedlots. There are 82,170 feedlots in the United States alone.

But what can be done to address the increasing burden of disposal?

We leverage the wily capability of natural systems to restore balance.

Our mission is to attend to the lapse with strategic intervention using simple natural solutions for maximum environmental impact.

We make environmental planning and assessments as well as research and development. We create products and services to recover waste for reuse and restoration.

Wastewater Science is based on the sunny island of Malta in the Mediterranean.

Malta is an island nation - we know that the use of resources and particularly water is critical.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your sustainability consulting needs and to engage with us in our research and development efforts.

Thanks for reading - speak with you soon.

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Wastewater Science


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