Sparking Creativity Submission Questions

The following is the information you will be asked to provide for each story you are submitting:

NOTE: When finalizing the rubric we realized that we have left off three questions from the submission form. The items in bold below indicate the new questions.

  1. Teacher(s): Please provide the first and last name of all teachers involved.
  2. Primary Contact Email
  3. School Name
  4. School Address
  5. Competition Level (preK-12, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)
  6. Tell us about your school: Provide the judges with a brief description of your school and the class or classes that were involved in this project.
  7. What learning objectives did you have when you designed the lesson/activity?
  8. Describe the impact on student learning. What evidence do you have of this impact? [See the Sparking Creativity site for the type of impact we are looking for].
  9. Reflecting on the activity, what did you learn from implementing the activity demonstrated in your video? What was your Ah Ha moment? What would you do differently in a future implementation?
  10. Describe how your use of digital tools aligns to the ISTE Standards for Students 2016. It may be one standard or element within a standard or multiple standards.
  11. Describe how you and your students were involved in creating your Post, Page, or Video.
  12. Spark format used.
  13. URL to your published Spark story
  14. Digital Citizenship Statement - We will ask you to certify that all images, sounds, and/or videos used in the production of our artifact comply with US Copyright Laws and that you have permission to use them. In addition, if any images of people (Students, teachers, others) are included, appropriate permission has been obtained from the student’s parent or legal guardian. Note: Adobe Spark features a “Find Photos” feature which searches for Creative Commons images on the Internet. If you use this feature, then any retrieved images already have the appropriate permissions. This statement applies to any additional images that you include.
  15. If student images were used, we will ask you to upload copies of your photo releases. You may also use this option to upload any other additional supporting documentation.
  16. Confirmation of AzTEA membership.
  17. We will ask you to agree to allow AzTEA, ISTE, and/or Adobe to use your submission in advocacy and/or advertising efforts. You and your school retain all rights to any original materials not provided by Spark included in your submission.


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