What Is Commerical Fishing? Where is it going?

Some of the regulations of commercial fishing that is harming the industry is having to have certain size of nets, having to through fish back if they are not the correct size, and only being able to keep a certain amount of clams.

If the commercial fishing regulations are not removed eventually all of the buildings will end up looking like these.

These buildings were once where people lived or sold items and because of the regulations many people had to move away and the buildings were not able to be supported by the communities anymore.

As the families start to move away the tradition of fishing is starting to disappear. Children will not know how to fish or even know what fishing really is. If the children do not learn what fishing is, then eventually the commercial fishing industry will become obsolete.

If the regulations are removed the children will be able to go fishing with there family and they will begin to understand what fishing is. Children will also be able to continue the fishing industry.

This little boy was taught by his parents how to fish, but if the regulations stay in place will he be able to teach his children? Will commercial fishing still be around?

Eventually all of the fishing boats will begin to look like this and then they will just fall completely apart. The younger generation will only see all of these old boats and buildings and wonder what they were for and how did the men even fish in those boats.

In the 1970's the Clam house was a thriving place. As the company went under new management and as regulations on clams, like how many each person could keep or what size the clams had to be, the building began to fall down.

This is what the building look like in the 1970's.

Remember this picture because the picture below is what the Clam House looks like today.

Change the regulations so more buildings will not look like this and so the tradition of fishing can stay around longer.


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