How Can You Become Stronger And Healthier? Harper welsh

What Foods Should One Eat?

Eating is a big part of becoming fitter and stronger. According to Reuters, “30 percent of people globally now either obese or overweight - a staggering 2.1 billion in all.” This means that many people are choosing to overeat and not work out or eat unhealthy foods. There is not one specific food a person should eat, because there is not one food that has every nutrient one needs. Also, some people don’t eat certain foods because they are allergic or they are vegetarians, people that don’t eat meat. Some don't eat certain foods because of their religion (they are not allowed to eat certain foods), for examples Jewish people don’t eat pork or shellfish. There are many foods that one can eat to become healthier. Most foods a person can eat to become stronger contain protein because that is what muscles are made of. One very common, but very good food, is chicken. This is one of the cheapest proteins and it works really well to become healthier and stronger. Another great food is salmon. Salmon is packed with protein, however, it also contains vitamin B12 which keeps a person's nerves and blood cells stay healthy. B12 can also help build DNA, characteristics or qualities of someone or something that is unchangeable. If one is a vegetarian, eggs are the best source of protein one can get. Vegetarians who don’t eat eggs must eat a lot of beans and nuts. People also need carbohydrates - fruits and vegetables contain the best and healthiest carbs. Watermelon is high in carbohydrates because for 100 grams of watermelon there are 8 grams of carbs. Although diet is a big part of becoming healthier, one also needs to exercise and to know what muscles to focus on.

Some of the healthiest foods

What Are The Most Important Muscles?

There is not one muscle that is the best. The most important muscle depends on what sports or activities a person is doing. This is because different sports require different muscles.


When watching soccer have you ever wonder how pros can kick a ball so hard they can break people's arms? All that power is coming from the legs. The muscles one uses in their legs are their calves, hamstring and quads. They are also the biggest muscles in the legs.


In basketball one uses their hands; therefore, a person needs strong arms so they can shoot from a farther distance. So biceps and triceps are the muscles that are most important to shoot farther. However, just because it's basketball and players are only allowed to use their arms, they should still make their legs strong because that will allow them to jump higher.


Another common sport is sprinting. Sprinting is necessary for almost every sport. “The only athletics event in the ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece, was a 200-yard dash down the length of the stadium,” says the Express. This shows how important sprinting is since it was the first Olympic Sport. Like soccer, a person's hamstrings and quads are important. However, the most important are muscles for sprinting are hip flexors. Without strong hip flexors then it is hard to do activities such as walking and running. So even if someone is not training to become an Olympic sprinter, they should still make their hip flexors stronger.


In baseball, the most important muscles are shoulders and forearms because that's where the power for throwing comes from. Also, a strong chest is very important to help increase power when throwing. One’s legs are very important because they have to run from base to base fast enough to not get out.

However, working out too much or overusing a muscle can injure it. Athletes need to develop others muscles because there is no point being super strong in one area and weak in others. So the two most important muscle groups are arms, legs and core. Although one’s core is not the first thing we think of when we think about the most important muscle in a sport, it is the foundation of all other movements.

Some Good Arm Workouts

For arms, there are many workouts. First, we have regular push ups. Push ups are one of the oldest and most basic exercises, however, they are one of the best. Push ups can help strengthen one’s chest, shoulders and forearms. This means that pushups are one of the best workouts for baseball because a person's chest, forearms and shoulders are the most important muscles in baseball. A more advanced version of a push up is a diamond push up. To do one instead of putting your hands shoulder width apart like a normal push up, you put your hands together and make a diamond. When you do the push up you have to make sure your chest touches your hands. Another great but more challenging workout is pull ups. Pull ups make your biceps stronger. To do a pull up you put your hands shoulder width apart on a bar and pull your chin above the bar, slowly go down without touching the floor, and pull yourself up again.

Some Good Leg Workouts

Probably one of the most important parts of your body is your legs. Not only do you need strong legs for basic things such as walking, but they are very important in many sports. Whether it's jumping in volleyball, or running after the ball in soccer, you need strong legs for every sport. Starting with the most basic yet very effective workout which is a squat. Squats make your hamstrings and quads stronger. To do a squat you place your feet a little farther than shoulder width facing forward. Then slowly sit down like you are going to sit in a chair. Make sure your legs make a 90 degree angle. Don't go too far down or else you will be letting your muscles rest. This means that they will not be working the whole time so you would have to do more reps.

Another very simple leg workout that is for your calves is called a calf raise. Calf raises are even simpler to do. All you do is stand straight and go all the way on your tiptoes. Then you repeat this many times. Again try to make sure you don't touch the floor when coming back down because that will allow the muscles to rest.

More difficult workouts include jumping lunges. Jumping lunges make your hamstrings, quads and glutes stronger. Jumping lunges are better than regular lunges because after you complete the lunge to do the next one you have to push off the ground which takes a lot of effort. To do a lunge you step forward with one leg then lower your hips so both knees are 90 degrees. However, you must keep your back straight. Then after you are in the position you push off in the air and switch your legs so the one in the back is now in front. A simple, yet challenging workout, are box jumps. They work your glutes and hamstrings. To do a proper box jump you stand still next to a box that you decide the height by adding or taking away boxes. Then you just jump onto it, some people use a bench or chair instead. You can also use a run up if you need. You don’t need to do box jumps in a gym, you can do them onto benches or over things like trash cans.

The last and most difficult leg work out are pistol squats. It is exactly like a normal squat but one leg is off the ground and straight forward putting all the weight on one leg so it makes the quads and hamstrings even stronger. You can hold on to a pole when you do them but only for balance, not for pulling yourself up.

A Good Core Workout

Since a person's core is the foundation of all physical movement it is important to have a strong core. A very simple yet effective core exercise is plank. There are many different types of planks but the simplest and easiest is the regular plank. To do a plank one goes into a diamond push up position, then lays their forearms on the ground. One doesn't have to move after this they just hold this position for as long as possible.

Some might think that only the naturally fit can eventually have big muscles and good fitness test scores, but with hard work, proper exercises, and healthy food, everyone can be a physically healthy person. Choosing healthy foods, establishing physical routines and doing exercises properly will go a long way to improving health. Next time you go to unwrap a candy bar or open your third bag of chips, think about the consequences that action could have on your body and your overall health. Similarly, make sure that you are using the time that you could be at home playing video games to exercise and become a fitter person.



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