Martin Luther: People's Saint Or Churches Sinner? By: jori santos, Block: R2


Martin Luther in my opinion was a saint, in the eyes of some of the people. He helped them realize that they didn't need the church to worship and keep in touch with god. He also helped them realize the ridiculousness of indulgences and paying the Popes to get salvation. Now they recognized that you could not buy salvation and that if you tried you would be damned, they knew now that you have to earn salvation through forgiveness and punishment.

As Luther nails his 95 theses onto the wall of his own church, he is a Saint because he is marking the beginning of change for the better for the people. Now they know the truth about the church.
This illustration is Martin Luther preaching to the people about his 95 theses. He is a saint in this illustration because he helping the people by preaching the truth to them.
In this picture, Martin Luther is a saint because he and the people are burning the Papal Bull and going against the Popes.


Martin Luther was a sinner in the eyes of the church. With Luther going around telling people not to buy indulgences and that faith could keep them close to god and not the church, they were starting to crash. They were losing both money and religious followers and less and less people needed the comfort of the church. Luther was draining the Church's power and the church found this to be a great sin.

Luther is a sinner to the church in this photo because he and his colleagues are translating the bible. The church did not approve of this and believed the bible should only be written in Latin.
This illustration represents the reformation of Paris, France and Luther's 95 theses. The church did not approve of many of Luther's new ideas so it is sinful.
When Luther mounts his theses on the wall of his church, people do not know what to think of them yet and they probably do not fully understand or believe his ideas. Nailing his theses to the walls of his own church was a clear and sinful act against the church.

I think that Martin Luther was a Saint more than a sinner. He may have made life harder for the church but it was necessary for the people to know what was really going on. He made life better for people and helped them open their eyes and see reality.

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