Why I should go to the panic! at the disco concert By yours truly

Why you should let me go

  1. It's a chance to sing my heart out
  2. Its more than just music for me
  3. The wensday it falls on is my 1 month and a half of being clean
  4. It could be an early birthday presnet
  5. I love them
  6. I have matured and gone through alot in my 13 years
  7. Kelsi is my best friend

When? And where?

Wensday, April 12th At the Infinite Energy Center the opening act starts at 7

How much is it?

The tickets are 125$ for front row on the floor ( ITS A RLY GOOD DEAL)

You might be asking your self , self where is this money coming from

I was thinking, it could serve as an early birthday present.

But julia, its oN a wensday

Yes i am aware, but i promise to be on my best behavior and get all my homework done before that. Her family is indian and strict with school work

Have i convinced you yet?

Gee, i hope so.

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