Malcolm Young (Dementia) BY: jason pham

Before and After

Current Age: 64

- Dementia is a disorder where a person loses their memory, intellect, etc. due to loss/damage of neurons in the brain. Malcolm was confirmed to have been diagnosed with dementia at the age 62 on September of 2014. And according to most people with dementia, he at the most has up to 8 to 10 years left to live.

- Before Malcolm had dementia, he was part of a rock band (AC/DC). And around the time of his diagnosis he "was taking a break", but soon after was confirmed to retire. Because of his condition Malcolm has developed short term memory loss. Currently Malcolm has no treatment, but in cope with his memory loss, he plays music to slow down the effects of dementia. Also in addition of not taking any treatment, he also has no history of therapy/rehabilitation.

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