Kyrie Irving nba player


Kyrie was born on march 23, 1992. Kyries mom died when he was 4 years old. But his dad and aunt raised him.


Kyrie went to Duke to play college basketball. The coach was Mike Kryzewski in 2011.


Kyrie was drafted to the cavs in 2011 number 2.


Kyrie was picked by the Cavs in 2011.

2016 Championship

The 2016 championship for the Cavs they were against the Golden State Warriors .


At Duke Kyrie scored 17.5 points per game with 3.4 rebounds per game.


To go along with the stats he is also winning the game with a layup.

Kyrie is an amazing basketball player. He is the #2 player on the Cleveland Cavaliers team. Hopefully he stays with the CAVS for a long, long time.

Kyrie is a good basketball player his number 2 n the cavs .


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