Adobe Education Summit 2020 APAC - Online

The 2020 APAC Adobe Education Summit was an online event about digital creativity across all curriculum areas and levels of education.


Tuesday September 29 to Thursday October 1, 2020

a holiday period for all Australian & New Zealand teachers

Theme - Improving Education Following COVID-19

Note that Tuesday's program will be exclusively for Adobe Education Leaders (AELs).

Wednesday will be for all educators

Thursday is for AELs, Adobe Creative Educators (ACEs) and those in the process of join the ACE program

Live Streaming the 2019 Summit


Tuesday 29 September

AEL Summit Day

Exclusively for Adobe Education Leaders from around the globe

Registration is now closed for this Day

AELs who have registered will receive a special Live Stream Australia link to join the event.

Starting at 8.30 AM (AEST)

  • WA/South East Asia - 6.30 AM
  • SA/NT - 8.00 AM
  • NZ - 10.30 AM
  • Japan - 7.30 AM
  • India - 4.00 AM
  • US PDT - Monday 28 September, 3.30 PM
  • US EDT - Monday 28 September, 6.30 PM

8.30 AM - Welcome by Tim Kitchen

8.45 AM - AEL Global Overveiw (Clara Galan)

9.00 AM - Creating innovative educational opportunities (Dr Brian Johnsrud)

9.15 AM - EdEx New Features and plan (Matt Niemitz)

9.30 AM - Adobe Education's policy strategy (Tacy Trowbridge)

9.45 AM - NDA Q&A with the Adobe Edu Team (Moderated by Tim Kitchen)

10.00 AM to 11.00 AM - Connect with Adobe Product Teams (NDA)

11.00 AM - Meet with the APAC Edu Customer Success Managers

Anna Nakao, Jerry Wong, Luke Cathcart & Kavneet Saini

11.20 AM - Product Demo 1 - Character Animator with Chris Hansen

11.40 AM - Product Demo 2 - Adobe Animate with Brian Chau

12.00 PM - Product Demo 3 - After Effects with Chris Hansen

12.20 PM - Adobe Master of Teaching Project with Juliette Bentley

12.30 PM - Break

1.00 PM - Special Guests Peter Hutton & Jen Buchanan (Future Schools Alliance)

Peter Hutton, Convenor at Future Schools Alliance, will be sharing his story and passion for change in the education system. While Principal at Templestowe College in Melbourne, he disrupted the system and transformed his school into a learning community based on the students passions rather than the system. He is know sharing this model with schools all over Australia and making a positive difference. As a person with dyslexia, Peter sees the world differently, and has spent his life challenging assumptions and conventions.

Jen Buchanan is a future focused educator with a vision to make schools better. She has forged a career as an educator in progressive schools around the world including Green School (Bali), Think Global School (USA), and more recently Preshil School in Melbourne. With a track record of creating positive, engaged and innovative learning environments in schools, she is passionate about creating equity for all students.

2.00 PM to 3.00 PM (AEST)

- Deep-dive workshop session 1 options

  • Dimension & Illustrator with Steve Nichols
  • Animate with Brian Chau
  • Photoshop with Craig Daalmeijer-Power

3.00 PM to 4.00 PM (AEST)

- Deep-dive workshop session 2 options

  • Substance & Mixamo with Alwyn Hunt
  • Premiere Pro with Craig Daalmeijer-Power
  • XD with Mark Woszczalski

4.00 PM (AEST) - Get to know the AELs from India

Wednesday 30 September

Open Adobe Edu Summit

This day is open to all educators - online & face to face

8.30 AM to 10.30 AM (AEST)

  • US PDT - Tuesday 29 September, 3.30 PM - 5.30 PM
  • US EDT - Tuesday 29 September, 6.30 PM - 9.30 PM

- Welcome & overview by Dr Tim Kitchen

- Connect with the Adobe US Edu Team

10.30 AM to 1.00 PM (AEST)

- Creative Catalyst Talks by Adobe Education Leaders

10.30 - David Dodds (AEL from USA) - The new virtual classroom

10.45 - Chiho Nakagawa (AEL from Japan) - Raise Independent Learners

11.00 - Monique Gaudin (AEL from USA) - Learn how to use Spark to quickly create elements to enhance the branding, content and appeal of your online class.

11.15 - Joel Aarons (AEL from Victoria) - Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity in Primary Years

11.30 - Adrian Bruch (AEL from Victoria) - Using Acrobat to do reflective journals as part of a creative practice

11.45 - Game Break with Brett Kent (AEL from NSW)

12.00 - Diana Keeler (AEL from USA) - At Home or In the Classroom: Teaching Tips Learned from Quarantine

12.15 - Max Schleser (AEL from Victoria) - Exploring limitations as a creative opportunity

12.30 - Abhimanyu Basu (AEL from India) - Our journey as a school during COVID 19

12.45 - Chris Betcher (AEL Emeritus from NSW) - Always Learning


2.00 PM to 3.25 PM (AEST)

Breakout workshop options (session 1)

  • Illustrator & Dimension with Steve Nichols (from Adobe)
  • Animate with Brian Chau (from Adobe)
  • Photoshop Tips & Tricks with Chris Betcher (AEL Emeritus)
  • Substance & Mixamo with Alwyn Hunt (from Adobe)
  • Premiere Pro – production workflow with Craig Daalmeijer-Power (AEL)
  • Adobe Aero Workshop with Jason Lane (AEL)
  • Spark with Juliette Bentley (AEL)
  • Rush, a basic introduction with Joel Aarons (AEL)
  • Adobe Illustrator for beginners with Adrian Bruch (AEL)
  • XD with Mark Woszczalski (AEL)
  • Adobe Captivate basics with John Stericker (from Learning Plan)

3.30 PM to 5.00 PM (AEST)

Breakout workshop options (session 2)

  • XD with Mark Woszczalski (AEL)
  • Rush with Joel Aarons (AEL)
  • Fresco with Brian Chau (from Adobe)
  • Illustrator & Dimension with Steve Nichols (from Adobe)
  • Photoshop with Chris Betcher (AEL Emeritus)
  • Character Animator – animate yourself with Craig Daalmeijer-Power (AEL)
  • Spark with Erin Raethke (AEL)
  • InDesign, the ins and outs with Michael Turner (AEL)
  • Acrobat DC - Save the Trees with Ross Johnson (AEL)
  • Captivate with John Stericker (from Learning Plan)
  • Communicating effectively with video by Jamie van Leeuwen (from ESPN)

Thursday 1 October

Creative Challenge Day

This day is open to all Adobe Education Leaders and members of the new Adobe Creative Educators Program

Participants will be offered the opportunity of taking part in a Creative Challenge based on either of these products:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Adobe XD
  • Premiere Pro or Premiere Rush

They will be working with a team of 3 or 4 (online) to collaborate on a product (video, web page, app prototype) that tells a story or helps solve a problem based on a brief that will be provided on the day.

8.30 AM to 9.00 AM (AEST)

Welcome and introductions

Announcement of the project briefs & teams

There will be secret ingredients that will need to be featured in the solution

9.00 AM to 9.30 AM

Adobe experts will share how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud libraries to share documents in a team.

9.30 AM to 2.30 PM (AEST)

Work with your teams on the challenge

2.30 PM (AEST)

Video groups - export and send video files to Tim Kitchen

3.00 PM (AEST)

Creative Challenge Showcase

Each team shares their product to all the teams and a panel of judges

Winners announced

4.00 PM (AEST) - Conclude


images of the 2019 Summit

Have a look at the video summary from the 2019 Summit


Join the weekly Inject Creativity Live events that are leading up to the Summit each Wednesday at 6.30 PM (AEST) via YouTube or Twitter.

Created By
Tim Kitchen