Polar Bears Ms. Bergner

Polar Bear Description

  • Black skin to soak up the sun but white fur to blend in their environment
  • Female adults weigh 300-500 pounds, male adults weigh up to 900 pounds
  • They are 3-5 feet on all fours, but can be up to 8 feet on hind legs.
  • Polar bears have thick skin and water-repellent fur.


  • Polar bears live in the Arctic.
  • They are marine mammals and spend their time along the coast.
  • Polar bears live near the pack ice where the wind and currents interact.
  • Their big paws make them excellent swimmers.


  • Polar bears like to eat the thick fat of seals.
  • They are known to eat beluga whales and baby walruses.
  • Sometimes they will eat bird eggs.
  • They travel thousands of miles per year for food.

Fun Facts

  • Polar bears can live 20-25 years.
  • They are at the top of the food chain, with humans being their biggest threat.
  • International Polar Bear Day is an annual event celebrated February 27th to raise awareness about the animal and keeping them safe.


Created with images by Rémi. - "Polar Bear" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Arctic Sea Ice" • Unsplash - "water iceberg ice" • Tips For Travellers - "Polar Bear seen Ice Cruising in the Arctic" • Carl Mikoy - "Polar Bear" • Kdsphotos - "polar bear big bear white" • snowmentality - "Polar bear nap" • skeeze - "polar bear portrait wildlife" • USFWS Headquarters - "Polar bears, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge"

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