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Facts, Ideas and Thoughts

The screen printing business alone currently nets over $8.9 billion each year with over 35% of that revenue being generated by small businesses and the remaining market share by large apparel companies. The industry will continue to grow, benefiting from continued acceleration in consumer spending and disposable income growth as well as a constant, ongoing need for marketing materials for our target customers; small businesses.

Ohio has 850,961 small businesses, according to the most current federal data available. Small businesses are our primary customer base but we will begin to focus on the individual online consumer as well.

Increasing spending and disposable income will likely drive more consumers to purchase custom T-shirts via e-commerce. Printful, an online on demand screen printer/drop shipper based in California and North Carolina reported over $42 Million in sales in 2015. Our current e-commerce model is set up in much the same fashion but has been lacking any marketing or advertising at the moment. I plan to add some exciting design elements to the online design tool as well as fill the site with great sample designs to attract buyers. By using social media marketing and advertising we will be driving traffic to the site with well placed, well timed ads as well as enticing sample photography to increase web traffic and sales.

Larger custom orders will also be the focus of the first 90 days. We need to revamp marketing materials as well as redesign some elements of the website to showcase the products we offer and the quality of our work. High quality photos of our products will also be used in a full scale Social Media Marketing Campaign using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Small businesses, churches, sports teams, entertainment companies and the food and beverage industry are a few target clients I will be networking with in order to drive sales for larger orders.

I will set aside new business outreach days where I will network with marketing and event planning professionals for their event and branding related projects. I would also like to look into participating in cultural events and festivals with some of our custom designs ready made for sale ie. a booth at Columbus Pride, booths at smaller business expos, etc.

Our front of store display area is lacking in vibrant, sample designs to inspire walk in customers. While our location is not a typical storefront there is no reason that we cannot encourage walk in traffic. Our front showroom area should be filled with amazing samples and a display such as shown above.

Just a couple client designs from my portfolio...
I would like to bring Small Business Branding into the picture as a marketing tool as well as to offer additional services to create a Small Business Branding One-Stop Shop. By consulting with new business owners and offering our branding services we will be able to effectively help small business owners with the marketing tools needed to succeed. Logos, print design, apparel design, and promotional items are a few of the mainstays that will be a part of this Small Business Branding aspect of our marketing. We may, down the road be able to expand into small web design projects as well. I would love to utilize the skills I have to create a branding package for new business that will be the talk of the town. I would like to start with a modern update of the Make It Yours Branding as well. As we grow obviously there will be a need to cross train employees to be well versed in all areas of our operations and I would embrace being the teacher as I grow my team.

30 day timeline

  • Study and Learn Equipment in Shop
  • Revamp and Order New Marketing Collateral
  • Set Up Social Media Channels with Updated Marketing Materials
  • Review Website Design Changes with Team
  • Organize Client Database and New Lead Database
  • Create Sample Designs with Pop
  • Shoot and Edit Photos of Samples
  • Begin Sales Efforts with New Lead Database

Final Thoughts

Though we did not have the opportunity for a typical interview, I did enjoy our conversation and the business model that your family has developed. Before your hiring decision was made I wanted to share with you a few ideas I had in the works for increasing the revenue and rebuilding solid relationships with area businesses. I realize this position is very much multi-faceted and that is one of the attractors for me. I am hungry and energetic and ready to make this new start and I hope that I can proudly become part of your team. I keep thinking back to Kirt's comment in our meeting that the thought of my not yet living in Delaware but rather visiting Ohio with a couple suitcases made him uneasy. My thoughts return to this when I consider that; Apple and Mattel were both formed in a garage, Whole Foods was started in the owner's apartment storage space, Dell in a dorm room among others and so, yep I was on the road for a week, met you in a Panther's hoodie and jeans but I think that might be a good thing. I think you got a much better glimpse of my personality and my style than you would have if I had a sexy resume, a dress and heels as my uniform. I am hungry for success and willing to work hard to achieve it. If this opportunity does not pan out I will still be in contact with you about Social Media Marketing for Whiteside as we discussed. Thank you both for the opportunity to talk with you and learn about your business.

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