Drawing and Painting Maggie Reinard's Art Journey

I feel as if I stretched and explored the most during the silk scarf project. It was something very new to me. I couldn't erase in this project, so I had to adapt and work with what was there.
My group was originally going to have a ball that knocked the moon out of the sky. Instead, we had a balled up piece of paper being thrown into the night sky without a moon.
Sticking to a somewhat similar idea, I would make the ball bounce and probably add something in the background that would interact with the ball better. Then, the gif would have more of a theme since the ball would correspond with the background more.
I was taught the most from the Longo project. I really figured out how to use charcoal to draw a realistic picture. I also learned the most from the silk project, because I had never learned the techniques or styles of it.

I am most proud of the Longo and color changing project. I think the Longo piece is pretty realistic and shows a lot of movement. In the color changing one. I secessfully manipulated the color purple to make some appear darker or duller than the rest.

I hope that I am able to use color schemes better and have pieces that are done with a plan from the beginning.

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