Drawing and Painting Maggie Reinard's Art Journey

I feel as if I stretched and explored the most during the silk scarf project. It was something very new to me. I couldn't erase in this project, so I had to adapt and work with what was there.
My group was originally going to have a ball that knocked the moon out of the sky. Instead, we had a balled up piece of paper being thrown into the night sky without a moon.
Sticking to a somewhat similar idea, I would make the ball bounce and probably add something in the background that would interact with the ball better. Then, the gif would have more of a theme since the ball would correspond with the background more.
I was taught the most from the Longo project. I really figured out how to use charcoal to draw a realistic picture. I also learned the most from the silk project, because I had never learned the techniques or styles of it.

I am most proud of the Longo and color changing project. I think the Longo piece is pretty realistic and shows a lot of movement. In the color changing one. I secessfully manipulated the color purple to make some appear darker or duller than the rest.

I hope that I am able to use color schemes better and have pieces that are done with a plan from the beginning.


I had two goals I wanted to accomplish during second semester. To use color schemes and work more from my beginning plan.

I used the cool colors in my tape transfers.

I stuck to my beginning plan a lot for my oil landscape.

Oil paint made gradations easier for me because it took longer to dry than acrylic. However, it's more difficult to have hard edges and it can be hard to take away top layers if the original layer is not dry.
Acrylic paint makes it easier to scumble for me. It's harder to do gradations because it dries fast, but there is retarder that slows the drying process down. However, sometimes this makes the paint more transparent.
The veil method shows a painting technique. I applied darks first with brown, let that dry, added highlights with white, and added the color after the white dried. Allá prima is another painting technique where I painted it all at once while all of the paint was wet.
This acrylic painting helped me with my creative process because the end product is a lot different color wise than the sketch I started off with.
The highlight of Drawing and Painting for me was the help and support of my classmates. They helped me learn a lot throughout this year.
I believe that I've gown the most in making things look more pleasing and realistic compared to what I was able to do last year.

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