The Giver By Lois Lowry

Many great books are transformed into great movies, but more times than not, the movie takes out details of the book to fit it into a certain time slot and appeal to more audiences.

In the book, Jonas and his friends are all year Twelves. Fiona is chosen as caretaker of the old and Asher is choses as recreation director. Jonas receives memories from the Giver by laying down and enabling him to place his hands on his back. Jonas's first feelings of love are aimed towards the baby Gabriel his father brought home to provide extra care for. When Jonas learns he is to be released, he knows he must take Gabriel and try to save him.

In the movie, there are many similarities, but also many differences. Everyone appears to be aged up into their midteens. Jonas, later begins to develop romantic feelings towards Fiona for a good duration of the movie to appeal more to the audience. In the movie, Fiona is able to help Jonas escape the community and Asher, as a pilot, is directed to fly out of the community and find Jonas and stop him.

The book The Giver and the corresponding movie there are many small differences. In the book Jonas and his friends have all just recently turned twelve, while in the movie they all appear to be aged up to their mid teens. Their received assignments are also different and have an impact on how the plot works. In the book, Asher is assigned to be recreation director and Fiona is set to be a caretaker of the old. In the movie, Asher is assigned to be a pilot and Fiona is set to be a nurturer of the infants. Since Fiona's assignments are varied from the book to the movie, her role in Jonas's rescue mission is changed since she is already in the caretaker building in the movie she is able to help him escape with Gabriel.

The book is much better because it doesn't need the extra details and changes such as the budding romantic feelings Jonas has for Fiona to keep the audience interested. The book adds more suspense and excitement while Jonas is carefully plotting his and Gabriel's escape rom the community.

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