The Invasion of Britain Claudius

We will catch you

Dear citizens,

We must invade Britain. We need your support to fight the fierce Celts. Our army is trained enough to fight the Celts.

We’re rich!

When we are ready to take over the British we will go to the seas.Then we will wait for night to go and slawter the Celts. And when gwe’ve done it we will take all the goods. Then we will take them back to the Roman Empire.

We’ll reign your land

We will conquer the British because are empire is getting bigger so we need more land on our side. We need it to grow more crops for our men.

We have unbelievable power

We have trained every day of our life for this battle,so we hope we will win.Against these British men these Celts are not strong at all.

From your leader Claudius


Created with images by Skitterphoto - "julius caesar roman" • jackmac34 - "irkutsk cossack soldier" • Hans - "money coins chocolate taler" • scartmyart - "map paper wood information background creativity compass" • osgoodcs0 - "lightening storm night clouds dark thunder thunderstorm"

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