Shooting Progressions Embedded Striker Shots

Taking the shot vs. Knowing the Strike for the situation.

With American Football Quarterbacks, a well known coach was apt to say that his quarterbacks needed to be able to apply "touch" to the throw and know that he can make all the different type of passes.

If we consider for a second that strikers need the same type of training, we could then assume that every striker needs to be able to "throw a variety of passes" in front of goal. Using the same logic for practicing the "throw" based on a specific route we could then use "block training" to construct several progressions for strikers that force them to choose the right "touch" on the ball in front of goal.

Finishing on Target
Beyond technique - where am I on the field to utilize this technique?
and Why?
The Wide Angle Driven Ball at knee height to the near post.
Session Design

First Progression

The Low Instep Drive - shot across the body

This progression is designed to elaborate on the application of the Low Instep Drive in game play. The situation is that a striker is coming across the mouth of the goal and striking against their momentum across their body.

Created By
Christian Isquierdo

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