How to keep your body alkaline DisEases Cannot survive in an alkaline boDy

Alkaline bodies live longer

Importance of PH balance health

PH is used to detect if the body is conserving a normal acid-base balance. Managing at some degree Alkaline pH is essential to counteract diseases. The body is entirely joined organism, not a pile of different parts. The veins hold many mechanisms in the body that perform together to upkeep a decent PH balance inside and outside of the human body. Ph is measured by the acidic or alkaline substance. Ph holds a scale of 0-14, 0 acting as the most acidic and 14 having the highest alkaline. For the human body to exist it needs to maintain the PH close to 7.4, which is is on the side of alkaline. If the the bodies PH changes often it becomes troublesome formany enzymes to employ properly. Preserving this alkaline level is a challenge due to the acid-forming activity that appears inside the bodyand the excess of acid generating foods we absorb.

As farbackas the early 1900’s doctors began studying different foods seeking to find what foods were modifying the bodies PH balance. They found that most foods produced alkaline or acidic. They also found that by altering you diet, the PH level in the body would transform and bring the PH closer to the normal range. This would help ease a patient’s pain. Research has also proven that having high acidic has been associated to the formation of heart disease, cancer, Osteoporosis and even diabetes.

How to test PH levels

PH test is necessary for bone health. By testing your PH level, you will have a better sense if your body is prone to metabolic acidity or if it’s in the alkaline state where it is wanted to keep bones healthy. The test if self-explanatory and can be taken at home. The following are steps to test your PH balance level in the privacy of your own home.

1. Purchase your PH test paper. With this paper, you can scope the acid-alkaline condition of any liquid. If thel results read at the low end of the ranking, this is an indication of an acidic condition and if your ranking is on the higher end it is an indication of an alkaline condition.

2. There are two options of taking the test in the morning

a. Testing with urine. You can urinate exactly on the strip of paper or round up urine in a cup and dip the paper in the cup. It is important to know that the first urine in the morning will give you a better PH reading.

b. Testing with your saliva. This is performed by rinsing your mouth with water, spitting it out in the sink, and spitting once again. You then proceed to gather saliva in a spoon and moisten the paper in the saliva. Tip: no eating, drinking, or brushing before the test.

3. View the result color. As the paper is moisturized it will take on a shade. The shade will reveal if your urine or saliva is in acidic or alkaline condition and colors range from yellow to dark blue. Match the color of your test strip with chart that comes on the back of your test kit. The desired urine results should be between 6.5-7.5. the saliva results should be between 7.0-7.5.

How to become more alkaline

Here are some recommendations that can help you become more alkaline:

• Eating green leafy salads is a great way of adding alkaline into your diet such as green peppers, collard, sprouts, broccoli, parsley, and asparagus.

• Add black pepper, lemon juice and lime juice to your foods and drinks.

• Use sea salt such as Himalayan, Celtic or French instead.

• Drink Ginger tea not coffee

• Eat fruits such as tangerines, mandarins, cantaloupe and berries

By adding some of these into your regular diet you will have more alkaline in your body and will be less prone to serious health problems such as cancer.

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