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The investigators of Argos Paranormal goes where no other paranormal show has gone before as they will be investigating locations that the locals fear and no other paranormal show has ever dared to investigate. These investigators will be pushing themselves to their max limits as they investigate locations at around 3 am, also known as the witching hour when paranormal activity is believed to be at an all-time high during the night.


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How to Watch

Episodes of The Witching Hour can be watched on both YouTube and select public access TV stations in the following states: Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York. Channel listings and air-times can be found by visiting:

In The News

Argos Paranormal and their series The Witching Hour have been featured in numerous local and national news sites. The link below will take you to a page where you can access every news article and radio interview which has featured the show.


During the 2019 award season, The Witching Hour was recognized as the Best Non-Fiction Series at the 10th Annual Indie Series Awards in Burbank, CA, making it one of the very first paranormal TV series in television history to earn an award. You can learn more about the Indie Series Awards by clicking the button below

About Argos Paranormal

We are a team of investigators with a background in media and journalism with the knowledge and experience in the paranormal to help you discover whether or not your location is the site of paranormal anomalies. Our collective background in media has provided us with the experience to use the proper AV equipment during our investigations while our knowledge in investigative journalism enables us to analyze our evidence from a perspective of proof and logic. Our team has gained acclaim for their prior investigations at various locations throughout the east coast such as St. Albans Sanatorium, Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, Fleetwood Church, the Occoquan Inn, and the Graffiti House.

Argos is equipped with the tools and equipment to withstand all sorts of terrain and weather environments. Our services are free of charge for Northern Virginia residents and include investigating small private residences to commercial sites while using the latest tools in the paranormal community to help us collect empirical data to help you figure out what goes bump at night.

Ryan Martinez

Director/Producer/Editor/Camera Operator/Cast Member

Contact: info@argosparanormal.com

Remso W. Martinez

Production Assistant/Cast Member

Contact: info@argosparanormal.com

Brian Suojanen

Camera Operator/Production Assistant/Cast Member

Contact: info@argosparanormal.com

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Created with images by Ryan Martinez and the Indie Series Awards