Constans-ly Entertaining by evan hauser

Picture of the entrance to the Constans Theater; photo by Evan Hauser

The Spatial Experience

Photo of the set of "The Divine"; Photo by Evan Hauser

When I entered the building, I was excited to be with my friends even though I did not know what to expect from the play. Unfortunately, we did not get the best seats in the house. We were way in the back and off to the right side. I believe that if we were closer to the middle, the play would have been even better and more enjoyable. Since we were so far off to the right, sometimes it did not feel like the actors were talking to us when they talked to the audience. When the lights dimmed, I was ready to watch the play and braced for a long play. However, besides the first seen, I found the play to be interesting. The size of the auditorium made me feel small and sort of gave me this feeling that the play (and the lessons in it) was greater than me (in an individual sense). The location of an individual is an important factor in the Good Life. For example, an individual may choose where he or she wants to live after school. There are a variety of factors in place that contribute to this decision including job availability, weather, and proximity of stores and needed products.

The Social Experience

Photo of my friends and I in the Constans Theater Lobby; Photo by Evan Hauser

I attended the performance with my friends Meg and Liz. I met the m both at H-camp. Meg I have seen around from time to time, and Liz lives across from me on my floor. To get ready for the performance, I did my usual routine for special events and dressed up in business casual. I did not do anything too crazy. We got to the theater on time and found our seats. Attending the play with friends made it that much more enjoyable. During intermission we could discuss the play and ask questions about what happened, what is happening, and what we think will happen. During the intermission, however, we took a break from the play and got our minds off it. Sharing experiences is an important aspect of the good life. It makes you closer to other people and invites intellectual discussion that can stimulate the mind.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Photo of the Constans Theater Library; Photo by Evan Hauser

In "The Divine", many themes are presented. One of the central issues is social responsibility and ethics. More specifically, the characters feel responsible for the situations of others. However, in order to better the lives of others, the characters might have to commit an action that might be unethical or unlawful. This is seen when Talbot has already stolen utensils for his mother at the beginning of the play and also the other priest faces a decision regarding Talbot's fate when he has the option of telling the police the truth. Before seeing the play, I knew nothing about it. I do not think the play had a lasting effect on me, but it was definitely a memorable experience. The subject matter is relevant to today's world. With the Trump Administration now in office, steady policies could now be changed radically. Already we have seen over ten executive orders. In this regard, it is important to challenge some of these executive orders that we might not agree with and use our political voice.

The Emotional Experience

Picture of Sarah Bernhardt; Photo found on web at

"The Divine" provides us with an opportunity for catharsis. Without question, the audience see itself through Michaud. Michaud says many things that either resonate with audience, or the audience thinks throughout the play. At the end of the performance, Michaud has two options; Either tell the police about the scandal or not. After some suspense, Michaud choses to tell the police and has some security measures in place so he will not get punished. Ultimately, this decision and choice of action saves Talbot's career. More importantly, this decision changes the life of someone who has suffered (from abuse, due to the loss of loved one, and poverty). Since Michaud resonates so well with the audience it feels as if the audience has made the decision, and that we have bettered Talbot's life. This sense feels very redeeming and helps the audience one for any previous sins.

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