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What’s the point of updating my profile?

We encourage contributors to regularly update their Skyword portfolios with recent information and samples because it increases visibility in the platform—which can lead to landing new gigs. The more recent, specialized material you include, the more likely your profile will match with key search terms during recruitment efforts.

It’s crucial to thoroughly indicate your areas of expertise and highlight the different types of content you can create in your bio. It’s also important to have numerous samples to support your stated expertise. Our clients often want proof of authenticity and they like to see recently published articles similar to what they’re looking to create.

Pro Tip: The more attached samples pertaining to your niche(s), the better your chances are of coming up in search!

Additional Pro Tip: Rename your samples appropriately and add descriptions.

What’s the point of updating my location?

Roughly two years ago, we updated the contributor profile setup with a standardized location feature that makes it easier for our team and clients to find contributors. Many of our clients have regionalized contributor requests, and yet many contributors still haven't updated their location. It’s very important that your location is kept up-to-date and in the standardized format. It’s a simple fix that will improve your portfolio’s visibility.

Who’s looking at my profile?

The Creative Ops team regularly reviews Skyword profiles to match contributors with clients. Our technology combs through bios, titles of samples, subtext and tags so that we’re able to identify contributors that seem like strong fits. Additionally, our clients independently search our pool to find contributors for their projects.

I only have PDF samples. How can I showcase my work?

When setting up your Skyword portfolio, you have the option of attaching URLs to online articles or PDF files. However, the majority of your samples should be fairly recent (from within the past two years). Also, we should note that metadata is automatically pulled from online samples, so we encourage you to provide strong, thorough descriptions for your PDF files so that they come up in search.

I can research and write about anything. How do I market myself successfully?

We typically encourage contributors to stick to a niche (or two) to avoid coming across as a generalist. Our clients rarely look for generalists and tend to prefer contributors with a well-defined niche who specialize in their chosen verticals.

Hone in on areas of expertise and industry experience in your bio and try not to mention anything that you can't back up with samples. You can learn more about crafting a job-winning freelance writing bio here.

What kinds of clients do you work with?

We value all specializations because we work with clients from a vast array of verticals, so you never know who might ask for a niche subject matter expert. You can take a look at some of our clients here.

I’m a writer and I can't find the “Join Channels” button. Can I apply to channels?

Sometimes we open applications to the community where you can apply for consideration directly from your dashboard, but that ability to do so varies per channel. This may explain why you're not seeing the “Join Channels” option in your dashboard.

We have very limited opportunities like these because our clients tend to have really specific and technical requirements. This obligates us to thoroughly vet and assess contributors to determine the best possible fit. We typically operate by reaching out to contributors with a channel invitation. Please visit our Help Center for more information.

What’s a typical pay rate for articles?

Our payment rates vary per channel and per content type (copy, white papers, long-form/short-form articles, etc.).

Do you pay on a per-assignment or per-word basis?

We pay on a per-assignment basis, as it allows us to operate at scale.

How do you handle invoices?

We don’t use an invoice system. We use PayPal, as it allows us to operate at scale. Once your assignment is submitted and approved internally, it enters our pay cycle. If your assignment is approved and sent to the client between the 1st and 15th of the month, you'll be paid on the last day of the month. If it's approved between the 16th and the last day of the month, you'll be paid on the 15th of the following month.

All of our contributors are paid via PayPal without withdrawal fees. We have also updated the way our contributors view their payments with a clearer, itemized report—which proves to be super helpful during tax season. The new layout includes an itemized list of each article, the channel for which it was written, the amount earned, and the date the payment was issued.

Payments Report Example

How do you handle videography payments?

To support the video content creation features, the platform enforces rules and processes for video payments.

All videographers who accept video assignments in Skyword360 are paid 50 percent up front when their bids and proposals are accepted, or when they claim the assignments. This rule applies regardless of the total payment amounts for each assignment.

Video payments are processed at 3:00 p.m. (EST) every business day. Payments that are at least 24 hours old are processed through PayPal the next business day after the payment has been awarded.

How do you handle payment for international contributors?

Skyword supports paying contributors in the following currencies, and new currencies are added regularly:

List of Currencies Supported by Skyword

Our clients can determine what currency we use. All of our contributors are paid via PayPal without withdrawal fees.

I don’t want my byline on any of my work. Is that possible?

Yes! We offer ghostwriting opportunities, but this varies per channel. However, there are times when clients do request bylines (e.g., when launching an influencer program with an audience that aligns with theirs).

I don't want to publicly showcase my work on the internet, but I want to be searchable by Skyword’s internal teams and your clients. Can I make my profile private?

Absolutely! You can follow these instructions to enable or disable your public portfolio:

1. Sign in to the Skyword Platform.

2. Click the Hello <Your Name> drop-down menu, and select My Contributor Profile.

3. In the About You section, click the toggle switch. The switch is green and shows a checkmark when your portfolio is public. The switch is gray and shows an X when your portfolio is hidden.

I attached a ton of articles to my portfolio, but the client’s site was pulled down and the links are now dead. What can I do?

Unfortunately, once you submit your assignment and are paid for it, it becomes the client's property and it's beyond our control what they choose to do with it. Because of this, we always encourage you to save your work as PDFs or consider digital libraries like The Wayback Machine. These are internet archives where you can save your assets in digital form for future reference, if need be.

Do you work with agencies or production teams?

Our Talent Pool is home to both individual contributors and full-service creative production houses. The size and scope of the project dictates our decision-making in choosing a creative partner. Some of our favorite enhanced content creatives are individuals, but we have been increasingly working with larger teams, too.

If I agree to join a channel as a contributor, am I bound to a contract?

This is considered a freelance agreement, so you're not under contract. You'll be asked to agree to our Terms of Service, but otherwise it's up to you if you'd like to participate in the channel.

I submitted my assignment. Should I expect revisions?

If necessary, pieces of content will go through a few layers of review. For articles, our editors strive to ensure that your voice is kept as close to your original submission as possible while simultaneously maintaining the brand voice. We also coach our contributors on guidelines and strategy shifts to ensure that the direction is clear.

Do you work with writers outside of the United States? Do you have any foreign language needs?

Absolutely! We work with several clients looking to take their companies global for both transcreation and original content creation. We have over 14 languages represented in our Talent Pool. With our recent equity growth news, we foresee an expansion with our global partners which may create more foreign language opportunities in the future.

I’m having a technical problem in the platform. Who can I reach out to for assistance?

Please reach out to support@skyword.com and provide specific details and screenshots of your technical problem.

Last updated January 2019

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