SnapChat Optimized setup

SnapChat is pretty Important

158 million daily active Users

2.5 million snaps a Day

That being said, Snapchat changed the “chatting” game. The impact so great that Facebook has practically copied its platform’s way of communicating. "Stories" are now available across platforms making campaigning more consistent across all respective platforms.

The "stories" feature is available on SnapChat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook messenger. They brought the live update to the game, and now we must prepare for it.

Snapchat can be used to catalogue, sell, engage, and build an audience.

Take note: The latest social media features

Require a personal touch and approach

We plan for this and schedule your personal interactions to make sure your audience truly gets acquainted with your brand.

Here's a list of things to optimize for snap chat
Profile set up
Have fun with it
What's your story ?
Finding friends
What is your brands message?
Following friends
Who are you reaching out to?
How will you wear your brand ?
Where is your audience?
Do not get overwhelmed or confused.
Create Stickers
Geo filters (optional)
CAPTURE your audience
Advertisements (optional)
Your branding starts here
Link building
Industry search & outreach
Have fun
Created By
Roly Daniel


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