To start off the week I began creation on the next two levels for my demo finishing them off for Tuesday morning. After that I then started working on a start menu for my game by creating a blueprint HuD. While creating these I looked online for some kind of frame of reference to ensure I kept on the right track. I found a problem towards the end, the start button would load the level but wouldn't get rid of the HuD so you couldn't see what you were doing. The two new levels I created also had a problem with traversing from one level to the next. I fixed this by making some of the information "pubic" which means I have put multiple different variables in to have it change to the right level.

This week I finished off my second mood baord and added to spiderscribe afterwards, taking into account the mood boards when adding to the spiderscribe document. I think looking back on this idea that it was a good concept and I also think it was well executed, doing the mood baord so early on makes it impact the end result of my work that much more, because later into the fmp and I would have more defined features and adding in new things from inspiration would be a lot harder.

During the weekend because I have my own graphics tablet I decided to begin creating the art assets for my 3 levels, I did this also to test out what a fully designed level would look like, I did this test to insure that the level design I have planned will fit the art style and functions how it was designed to. The only reason I think this was a worth while investment of time so early into the project is because I decided to do it in my own time, mostly down to curiosity. If this was done in school time however I dont think it would be worth the time because it doesn't really help with a whole lot until the level is finished.

All of these follow a 32 by 32 pixel grid not shown when exported out of photoshop

In preparation for the 4th, the day of the game show I decided I want to create a small questionnaire to help with feedback for my game to see if there are any glaring improvements I might be overlooking. I think this is going to be a good idea however I can imagine people to avoid filling it in or just putting in answers without thought just to get it out of the way.

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