Past & Present ~ Africa By ~ Felisha ashcraft & Travis Lee

~ Commercial Farming ~

Commercial farming.
The main way that the people use the land is for Commercial farming.The problem that this might cause is that there will be less food for the people in this area because all of the food is getting shipped out.

~Commercial and Subsistence~ ~farming~

Commercial farming is raising crops and livestock to sell for profit,and subsistence farming is raising crops and livestock to provide food they need,their family need, or their community needs.

~ Top two resources ~

The two resources that are mainly found in Africa are Gold and diamonds.
Gold andpreviews.123rf.comdiamonds
Africa it is believed to have about half of the world's gold.
Africa is affected by money because there is Unequal wealth among countries ( Countries who have more,are ones without are poor).Unequal population distribution( people live where resources are) Wars over access to the resources.Corrupt Govt. leaders (take bribes to let others have access to them)
The three T minerals are tin,Tungsten,and Tantalum.These are so important because they go into many different things these days
The Dem. Rep. of Congo is the poorest nation in the world, because the different gangs control the mines. They force people to work, they smuggle it to smell minerals, and to make money to buy weapons.

The Kingdom of Ghana

They were involved in extensive commercial trade markets. They trade gold for salt.
Muslims could not in slave other Muslims - slaves were prisoners of war, so many served in the military.
(How Muslim enslavement of Africans are different from the European enslavement) They were all treated over all. Many could own property, serve as generals in armies, and it was easier to earn freedom.
North Africans conquered Ghana and converted many of them to Islam.

The Kingdom of Mali

The kingdom of Mali was able to gain control over which two trade commodities such gold and salt.
(Mali's most important kind, the religion, and what they did famously in 1325.) - 60,000 people and 80 camels carrying 300 lbs. of gold each. - He brought back Muslims scholars and architects to build cities, mosques, and schools in Timbuktu.
Corrupt leaders in the government let illegal sells and trafficking go on,they are also bribed.
There are 5 main wealthy countries in africa.They are :
1.Mauritius-$12,800 2.South Africa-$11,100 3.Botswana-$9,200 4.Seychelles-$7,800 5.Namibia- $7,300
There are 16 total countries with less than a 1,000 dollar rate.
Some main higher standard of living are better education,healthcare,transportation,and tech. And higher skilled workforce,and natural resources and trade.
28 of the countries with the lowest life expectancies are from Sub- Saharan Africa.The main reason for this is because of H.I.V,which eventually leads to aids and kills them off.
In south Africa, at 34°S, 18°E is Cape town, one of the three capital cities.
The trade network that the Kingdom of Ghana participated in was the salt and gold trade. They traded with the west and north. The west traded gold and the north traded salt.

Muslims traded for African slaves because Muslims are not allowed to enslave other Muslims. These slaves were primarily used for war.
Muslim enslavement of africans to the europeans were different because they were treated way better and were able to earn their freedom better.
Mali’s most important king was Minsa musa ,he was a Muslim. He went to mecca,one of his most famous things,and brought 60,000 people,80 camels carrying about 300 pounds of gold, and 800 slaves carrying about 4 pounds of gold.
The city that was established as a center of Islamic leading was Timbuktu,The studied religion,math,music,and law.
GMS stands for Ghana, Mali, and Songhai.They were all involved in trade.
Ibn Battuta was 21 when he began his travels,and he started in tangier.

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