Remarkably ready learners

The Kenan child is curious and eager to learn and explore...and each Kenan teacher is eager to guide that curiosity, to help them see where exploration will lead them.

Learning, the Kenan Way

The Kenan Preschool draws from the Atlanta Speech School's unique focus on language and literacy to ensure each child experiences the joy of learning and has the language skills to excel across a range of future subjects.

Where every day is hands-on...

How children learn is as important as what they learn. Kenan is intentional in teaching, interacting with children, developing curriculum and designing lessons- so children have the best foundation to grow in language, early literacy, math, social studies, science, technology and social and physical development.

Early literacy instruction focuses on phonological awareness skills. Children also learn that letters represent sounds and that meaning can be derived from print. Kenan students learn age-appropriate emergent writing skills through experiences that integrate motor skills development, language and meaningful play.

...and teachers teach with purpose.

Kenan teachers with unmatched expertise in early learning apply the latest cutting edge research on how young children develop brains constucted for reading - with the complex vocabulary, critical thinking skills, world knowledge and empathy demanded of them to succeed as confident, independent learners. And have fun on the way!

Teachers at Kenan understand child development and foster growth in setting that encourages intrinsic motivation, nurtures intellectual curiosity and rewards a willingness to take risks.

Atlanta Speech School

Kenan is one program of the Atlanta Speech School, which has evolved over its 83 year history to become one of the nation's most comprehensive centers for language and literacy. The Wardlaw School serves 190 students K-6th grade with dyslexia, and is the School's largest academic program. Another 1,000 individuals of all ages are served throughout our clinical programs.

The mission of the Atlanta Speech School is to help each person develop their full potential through language and literacy, so that each child has the tools to decide their own future confidently, empathetically and thoughtfully.

For bright children with dyslexia, the Wardlaw School provides language and literacy-based instruction serving students who are elementary-aged through sixth grade for specialized instruction across all fields of study so they can go on to excel in traditional classrooms.

Katherine Hamm Center, for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, develops language and pre-literacy skills through listening and spoken language in family-centered programs for children from birth through Pre-K, including preschool for ages 2-5.

Stepping Stones Preschool children have been identified as experiencing early speech and/or language delays. The Stepping Stones environment is language-rich and prepares them for literacy and all learning to come.

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