3 Types of Cookies Lexi D'Angelo p.2

When are they done? All cookies are done when golden brown around the edges and they start to become crispy.

Equipment- for most recipes you will need to use a baking sheet, bowls, measuring utensils, spoon, spatula and depending on the recipe, a mixer. Also make sure you have a cooling rack for when the cookies are done.

Ingredients: Flour helps give the dough density and structure. Butter and brown sugar give flavor and brownness. Eggs, oil and water(or milk depending on the recipe) help to keep the ingredients combine and add texture. Any other ingredient will help with flavor and texture.

Reminder: When cooking you should make sure your hands are washed, hair is back and you're not wearing any loose clothing.

Refrigerated Cookie- once the cookie dough has been made it is refrigerated to make the dough easier to mold and shape.

Techniques- wrap the rolls of dough in wax paper, foil, or plastic wrap, then chill. The dough can be prepared serveral days in advance.




Drop Cookies- once the dough is made you drop spoonfuls of dough onto the baking sheet

Techniques- use a scoop to get the dough and leave 2 inches between each scoop.




Pressed Cookies- Cookies that are pressed using a tool to make a shape out of them.

Techniques- dough must be soft enough to press but firm enough to hold its shape. 1/2 inch between each cookie.




Fun Fact: In the Middle East chocolate chip cookies were eaten with a fork and knife and topped with chocolate sauce.


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