Florida Museum of Natural History Ashlyn Witzke

Nature on Display: The butterfly encounter was my favorite part of my trip the museum. I liked it because the greenery and butterflies were so beautiful. It also brought back memories from when I was a child and I would try to catch butterflies and other insects and try to keep them as pets. Zoos and aquariums are something I love to visit when I travel, because I am so excited by wildlife.
Nature and Ethics: I thought this display was the most eye opening when it came to nature and the ethics that comes with protecting it. In this hologram, one could see the projected development in Florida. The predictions were shocking. People forget that when we develop land, that involves taking down trees, which are the homes to many groups of animals. The same board that this hologram was on said that for every 25,000 acres we lose, we also lose homes for 1 bear, 60 bobcats, 2,000 cardinals, 2.5 million trees, and 6,975 trillion insects (just to name a few). It is important that we take care of nature. For example, insects are important pollinators and are sources of food for other organisms.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This display was what I considered to show the "magic and mystery" of nature. I got to learn about the pitcher plant, which I had never heard of prior to my visit. The museum had this life size version and I was able to clearly see little details on the plant such as the bristles on the opening of the plant that close when a bug lands on them. These are known as pit fall plant traps. They also have a deep cavity of digestive fluid to digest the prey that was captured. There are so many organisms in this world that I don't even know about, and it was fun to learn that the Venus fly trap is not the only carnivorous plant.

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