Hurricanes By Ellee JOhnson

Hurricanes are a very dangerous phenomenon. They cause major destruction and are terrifying. When people first think of hurricanes often they think of high wind speeds and the damage it causes. While the wind plays a major role in hurricanes it's not the most destructive part of it. The thing that makes these storms so dangerous and destructive are the storm serge's that form in the front of them. A storm serge is a large body of water that gathers at the front of hurricanes. According to Kerry Emanual he says, " It's the number one killer in hurricanes."

The most deadly hurricane that occurred in the United States is the Great Galveston hurricane in 1900. This hurricane took place in Texas on September 8. It was a category 4 hurricane and had a massive storm surge of 15 feet. It was responsible for about 6000-8000 deaths throughout Texas. It came without warning and its storm surge left many buildings and homes destroyed.

To protect themselves from the flooding caused by this destructive hurricane, Galveston built a large sea wall. They have been hit with other major hurricanes since this one but none of them have compared.

Hurricanes like theses form over the Atlantic and eastern Pacific ocean on the equator. "They take the heat from the ocean and convert it to the energy of their winds." explains Jeff Masters. When they aren't formed over these oceans they are usually considered cyclones. Both are extremely dangerous and frighting.


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