Of Mice and Men Charachter Log By: Xaviera Angelica WilliAms

George Miltion

Main Character: George Miltion

7 Facts About GEroge MilTion:

  • George is a relitivly short male.
  • He is strong in some sense.
  • Thinks ahead.
  • Determined.
  • Quick-tempered.
  • Sharp-minded.
  • Companion.

"No, Lennie. I ain't mad. I never been mad, an' I ain't now."

"George won't do anything like that, he won't leave me. He won't get hurt, he's too careful.


Georges and Lennies dream are the same as each other. Their farm will be one where they can be independent and safe and where he will not have to worry about keeping track of Lennie's mistakes. They can be secure and in charge of their own lives. However, Lennie is the one who adds the enthusiasm because George never really believed they could swing this farm of their own. He mostly uses the story to give Lennie something to believe in for their future.

Lennie Small

Main Character: Lennie Small

7 Facts About Lennie Small:

  • Lennie is very strong.
  • Caring.
  • Dependent.
  • Innocent.
  • Mental Disability.
  • Childlike/Childish.
  • Shallow/Foolishness.

"I was only foolin', George. I don't want no ketchup. I wouldn't eat no ketchup if it was right here beside me."

Lennie cried out suddenly—"I don' like this place, George. This ain't no good place. I wanna get outa here."


Their farm is a place where they can live together, have animals, grow their own crops and, in general, feel safe. Lennie has little memory, but the story of their dream is one he knows by heart. While George never really believes in this farm, Lennie embraces it with childlike enthusiasm. Every time he makes George tell their story, his enthusiasm excites George, too. Lennie's innocence keeps the dream alive, but his human imperfection makes the dream impossible to realize.



  • Respectable
  • Compassion
  • Insight
  • Leader
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Decisive

"He ain't mean," said Slim. "I can tell a mean guy from a mile off."

"I think your han' got stuck in a machine. If you don't tell nobody what happened."


Because Slim is not enslaved by dreams or desires, people listen to what he says and he can offer advice that enables people to do what is required of them in a world that doesn’t care. While his acceptance gives him peace, it doesn’t give him hope; which is the reason so many people cannot simply accept life – life without hope is meaningless.

Info about Slim:

The the leader of the mule team whom everyone respects. Slim becomes an ally to George and helps protect Lennie when he gets in trouble with Curley. Slim has compassion and insight, and he understands George and Lennie's situation. He alone realizes, at the end of the novel, the reason for George's decision.


7 Facts About Crooks:

  • Black
  • Microcosm
  • Prejudice
  • Bad dignity
  • Crooked back
  • Loniness
  • Insercure

"You got no right to come in my room. This here's my room. Nobody got any right in here but me."

"'Long as you won't get out and leave me alone, you might as well set down." His tone was a little more friendly.


That he becomes part of the dream farm is an indication of Crooks' loneliness and insecurity. He, like Candy, realizes that once he is no longer useful he will be "thrown out." Where, then, can he find some security for his future? The dream farm of Lennie's seems to be the place. Crooks promises to work for nothing as long as he can live his life out there without the fear of being put out. Like all the others, he wants a place where he can be independent and have some security. But there is no security for anyone in a prejudiced world, least of all a black stable hand with a crooked back.

Info about Crooks:

The black stable worker who cares for the horses. A symbol of racial injustice, Crooks is isolated from the other hands because of his skin color. He also convinces Lennie to let him join their dream of land, but he must give up that dream.


7 Facts About CaNdy:

  • One-handed
  • Kind
  • Old
  • Old dog

"Will we still be able to get the farm?"

"You saw how they killed my dog, they will kill me just as fast."


Candy also plays a significant role in the dream, providing the money needed to make the down payment. Because of Candy, the dream almost becomes real. Candy's down payment causes George to believe that, perhaps, the dream can be realized. But none of them count on the tragic meeting between Curley's wife and Lennie in the barn. Even then Candy still thinks he can have his safe haven, a place where no one will throw him out when he is too old. The dream is so strong in him that he pleads with George, to no avail, to have their farm despite Lennie's death.

Curley's Wife

7 Facts about Curley's Wife:

  • Jailbait
  • Tart
  • Alone
  • Flirt
  • Attention
  • Dreamer
  • Imagination

"I get lonely sometimes for being the only girl on the ranch."

"Have you seen Curley?"


Steinbeck softens the reader's reaction to Curley's wife by exploring her dreams. Her "best laid plans" involved a stint in the movies with all the benefits, money, and pleasure that would provide. Her beauty is such that perhaps that dream might have come true. Her dreams make her more human and vulnerable.


7 facts about curley:

  • Small
  • Thinks he's big
  • Annoying
  • Unlikeable
  • Rude
  • Disrespectful
  • Thinks he's all bad

"Think you're all big and bad?"

"Glove full of Vaseline."


Curley doesn't have a dream because he has everything a guy can ask for authority, power, only thing he doesn't have is respect.

Info about Curley:

The son of the ranch owner, Curley is a mean little guy who picks fights with bigger guys like Lennie. He is recently married and extremely jealous of any man who looks at or talks with his wife. Lennie crushes his hand, earning Curley's future enmity.


7 Facts About Carlson

  • Greedy
  • Insecure
  • Noisy
  • Not very scared
  • Big
  • Friendly man
  • Bitter


Carlson didn't really have a dream. And stainbeck never really paid attention to Carlson, Carlson only big role was when he killed Candy's dog.

Info about Carlson

The insensitive ranch hand who shoots Candy's dog. He owns a Luger, which George later uses to mercifully kill Lennie.

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