Children and war TARAK PATEL

Afghanistan War On Terror(2001-2014)

Children around the world are being affected by war. The affects that war can cause to children can range from no education to actually being recruited into a military group. Many schools are being used for military bases or shelter,which makes the school unavailable for students to to go and learn.

In the Afghanistan War, more then half the schools were destroyed or were under control by the Taliban,according to World At War:understanding conflict and society. In 2001 however, school resumed for 1.8 million Afghan children from efforts made by the United States and the United Nations Childrens Fund.However most children still didnt go because it was dangerous to go to school.According to World At War:Understanding conflict and society,the children suffered the most of the land mines,which is a reason for parents to not send their kids to school.

Another problem that children have to face is labor.Because kids parents are dead or they dont want to send them to school,the kids have to work in farming feilds to try to earn revenue for their family. After the war,Afghanistan was ranked 170 out of 174 countries in the world. Afghanistan will continue to drop unless they can be able to repair schools and towns. Another important thing to say is that the Taliban recruited many refugee children because their strict Islamic education made them ideal for fighting.


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