My little escapes Atrani, Italy

You are worth it

My escapes rarely exceed 3 days unless I am taking longer trips never more than 7 days; this depends on so many things because I have a handicapped daughter and always need to ensure that she is in good hands; they are almost always impromptu and at the mercy of circumstance at work and of course privately, but I have made it my duty to after so many years finally tend to my little needs and one of those little needs is travel. Yes I am a gypsy, a wanderluster, a vagabond, free spirited trapped in routine and circumstance but every now and again I break out throw my high heels in a cupboard and armed with lipstick, a bikini and camera I then proceed to discover the world. If not now, then when?.


Even though it was June, one month before the school holidays and heat, it proved almost impossible to get a hotel room or Air B&B at such short notice - eventually, through luck, I stumbled across a photographer’s blog mentioning the teeny weeny town of Atrani on the Amalfi Coast just five minutes on foot to the city center ... it was as if God himself led me. What an unbelievable find. Fortunately, a bed and breakfast had some rooms free at Euro 30 per day - a give away especially as the location was 5 minutes from the beach going through an alcove from an enclosed, intimate space market-like area set against a mountain with views of rows and rows of lemon trees and a beautiful monastery. Honestly, I cried tears of joy when the taxi driver let me out. It was beyond my imagination.

beautiful ancient winding stairs led me to my bed and breakfast and along the way, always the echo of laughter from somewhere and the scent of sea and lemons; a magical experience

An abundance of colour

Tucked under the mountain

Just outside the enclosed space with its beautiful chipped paint and sea worn walls dating back to possibly hundreds of years ... was the beach; I played there like a little girl digging My toes into the warm sand late into the night as families sat outside, children’s voices happily floating my way late into the night; it felt safe, sweet and sultry. My thoughts would wonder to someone I loved so far away, half way around the world so happy that I could feel my heart again after so much pain, special moments that I embraced and held so close to my heart.

Take me to the sea

The beach almost immediately outside my hotel

Standing on the pier grateful for this moment

You and I alone but happy dear seagull, I too love to fly away to far away places like you

Off to the city for a green juice and then up, up the mountain via winding stairs lined with lemon orchards and rickety homes and endless washinglines until I reached the monastry so silent and serene - heaven is a place called Amalfi!

The next morning, I walked a leisurely 10 minutes long the coastline to the tiny but beautiful and well equipped town of Amalfi, booked myself a trip to the ancient city of Pompeiil for the next day and enjoyed a green juice comprising of fresh lemons picked that week and felt electric! I bravely made my way up the mountain via winding stairs with rickety homes clinging at its side and picturesque view of roof tops with white linens and orchards of lemon trees that belonged to the local church and monastery.

The view along the way - so much gratitude for this moment...

Mountain town in Amalfi

... walking by flower pots with lavender and rosemary perched on crumbling walls unkept yet beautiful, until ...

I reached the monastry

Up at the monastery, a zephyr breeze caressed my face, I could see the town way down but heard not a sound.


Whatever you do please, while you are in Amalfi, book a bus to the ancient town of Pompeii. It’s such a historical experience beyond imagination; sex murals extremely explicit, homes still almost in tact images of the sport arena, homes of generals, historical records found in tact etc. .... just an amazing experience. I will do a write up about my experience in Pompeii separately.

On my last evening I strolled on the beach until late into the night and vowed to return. Atrani and Amalfi has been one of the most beautiful travel experiences I have had. The goal of this presentation is merely to draw your awareness to the town of Atrani and Amalfi. Pompeii, Capri, Salerno are just a few of the many stunning escapes that this area offers and you will most definitely never regret it. Enjoy you are worth it.

Dedicated to:

My darling daughter Pia you cannot see Mummy but your heart feels me; my beautiful friend and mentor, photographer Janet Efrati who gave me courage to follow my dreams and lit the fire for photography; Ted Vieira who is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and gifted black white photographer who has supported and taught me so much. The heart has a language that not even letters can express Ted, so I will not try.

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Rozanna Giannakis

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