Shaylin's Career Action Plan

Personal Profile and Influence factors

interests survey

My top interest is information. This is my top interest because I am generally an artistic person. I like writing and painting in my spare time a lot. I enjoy reading all types of books and playing a lot of bored games. I am the type of person who likes to see how things work, I take them apart and try to figure them out and try to put them back together. Doing experiments and figuring them out on my own are good ways that I learn new things. Some careers that fit my interests are photographer, journalist, author, and millwright.

learning styles

I am a visual-kinesthetic learner. I learn better by seeing someone doing something or doing something myself. One way I demonstrate This style is that I draw and doodle a lot in my notes and use images to remember things. Another thing I do that makes me a visual-kinesthetic learner is I learn and remember things more easily if I do it myself or see someone doing it rather than just have someone tell me how to do it. Also, to remember things and to study I re-write my notes out for it to stick in my head. Lastly, I use my hands and a lot of gestures when communicating with people.

multiple intelegences

My first top intelligence is naturalist intelligence. One way I demonstrate this is i love being outdoors and exploring nature. I also keep a rock collection, with rocks from anywhere interesting I've been. My second top intelligence is intrapersonal. One way I demonstrate this intelligence is I am a fairly private person and I enjoy doing things at my own pace by myself. My third top intelligence is visual/spatial. one way I demonstrate this is I am good at understanding colours and shapes within pictures and paintings.


To me success is being happy with what you have accomplished. I think that if yo set a goal you may no always reach it, or you might change your mind. If you are happy and feel good about what you have done then you have been successful. Sometimes the initial goal is unrealistic or plans change and you no longer want that anymore. I measure my success with how happy i am with what I have done. I still do set goals and try my hardest to reach them but if I am satisfied with what I have accomplished then I consider myself successful.

what i'm proud of

A time that i am proud of is when I was in grade 5 i went to a skating night in Brussels. There were tickets for a draw so I bought one. Surprisingly my ticket actually won, I got to go and pick a prize. when I got up to the prize area, I saw an adorable stuffed Webkinz animal so I picked it. Later that night another little boy who had also won in the draw came up to me and asked if we could trade toys because he really wanted to win the toy I had but he got called up after me. I really didn't want to trade toys with him but he really wanted it so I did. I am proud of this because I felt very good about giving the little boy the toy and making him happy. Also I was pretty young and I think for only being 10 I did very mature thing.


Someone who has influenced me a lot is my Mom. Me and my mom have always had a close relationship and I look up to her a lot. She has always been very supportive of me and helped me in any way she possibly can. She is a very kind and amazing woman I hope to be even half as wonderful of a person as she is. My mom has influenced me to be a kinder person and put others before me and take care of my friends and family. She has always been someone I ca go to and I hope to have that type of relationship with my children hen I have them.


My top personal values are adventure and family. One example is that I love to travel and hike and do adventurous things. I've traveled to Spain, Portugal, New Brunswick, Quebec, P.E.I, and many other places. Another example is that I do a lot of things with my family, such as travel to those places with them, we go camping and we are very close. My top work Values are Financial Reward and Personal Relationships. A personal example of this would be that at my job i make it a priority to be friendly with all my co workers so we can have a good relationship. Another example is that I also make it a priority to work hard and earn my money.


Someone who I think is a good leader is Misha Collins. I think he is a good leader because he takes risks and is very inspirational. He also leads a world wide scavenger hunt called Gishwhes, and does a lot of good. He helps charities and hospitals and many other places with his scavenger hunt. Misha Collins also is extremely passionate about what he does and He is confident in his choices. He Focuses on his goal and finds a way to reach it no matter what. I think that all of these things are characteristics of a good leader.

Opportunities in School

educational opportunities

Some courses I have taken that will help me with my career path are French and academic English. These courses are required to get a PHD in psychology. Some courses I'm going to take are Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, living and working with children, grade 11 and 12 academic English, Grade 11 and 12 French, and a few other courses to achieve my OSSD.

Extra Curricular opportunities

I am not currently involved in any in school extra curricular's but I intend to join sears next year and the year book committee.

Opportunities Out of School

VOLUNTEER Opportunities

In the past I have volunteered at Carecent care, the Not So Scroogy Christmas Party and my grandparents farm. These things can help my career path because volunteer experience looks good on applications to colleges and universities.

EMPLOYMENT opportunities

My experience working at Tim Hortons will help with my future career at because it gives me experience working with people. I also have experience with food handling and cash handling so I can get jobs else where with this experience and broaden my working experience.

Occupational Information

occupation of interest

My occupation of interest is either an addictions counselor or a photographer for a nature or Canadian wildlife magazine company. Duties for an addictions counselor would include being patient with people and being on call for patients. Many addictions counselors work in hospitals, so they have to be on call at all hours of the day. Personal qualities needed for this occupation include patience, not getting to emotionally attached to people, compassionate, and being able to handle the stress of the job. The main duties of a magazine photographer include traveling, operating a camera and being outdoors often. Some qualities needed to be successful at this occupation is patience, artistic vision, knowing how to operarte the camera and editing skills

education required

The education required to be a photographer is high school diploma and sometimes and bachelors degree in visual arts from a college/university course. Three places I could get this degree would be Fanshawe college, Algonquin College and OCAD university. a location most suitable for me would be with a magazine company because then i could travel a lot. It would take about 3 years to complete everything in school and cost in total about $16,000.

My Future

at age 25

When I am 25 I hope to be living in Montreal either working for a magazine company as a photographer or a certified addictions counselor. I want to move to Montreal after college or university because i think it is a beautiful city and i want to learn to fluently speak french. I plan to get there by working all through school and then finding a job there and renting an apartment. I don't want to have kids yet at 25 because i want to be able to travel and go on adventures without having to worry about children. I want children later in life.


At age 45 I hope to have a career in photography or as a counselor and be married with a family. I don't know where I want to live when I'm 45.

at age 65

When I'm 65 I would like to have done lots of travelling and be getting ready to retire. I want to retire in Spain like my grandparents. I want to live on the beach in Spain.

life long earning

I will be a life long learner by always trying to earn from my mistakes. I will also always try to do new things, like learning a new sport or language. I will take many life and career opportunities throughout my life. My career leaves lots of opportunities to be learning new things about people or animals


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