GROW financialLY: uNCLE sAM'S WAY


A happy time when anything is possible and the world is ours with so many goals in mind such as ...

going to college

Some wish to continue learning by attending additional schooling...

pursuing a career

Some wish to pursue a career that may not require a degree but either way...


begins to settle in as we realize ambition and potential do not exactly pay the bills that our dreams cost ...

Unfortunately as young ambitious adults, our money hangs on a thin line. making it hard for some to reach their goals. So what's a good solution to this problem?

join the military!!!

The military offers many financial benefits to its servicemen and is a great stepping stone for young people trying to kick start their lives. this opportunity is so good that if the government required two years of service after high school, young people would have a financial structure to achieve their goals.


The military offers a great retirement plan you cannot get as a civilian, and certainly cannot start investing in as a college student without help.


The military offers benefits such as the Gi bill to pay for schooling if in service or after.


with every year of experience, and not only referring to deployment, a pay raise is guaranteed every fiscal year.

your child's future

depending on how long you serve, the military will let you give your financial schooling benefits to your children.

your family's future

when a man or woman joins the military, so does his or her family. when the military promises to take of you and your future, that also means your family's future if anything happens to you.

If you want to make it in America, the military is a good stepping stone. Let America give to you by giving back to America.


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