The Negative Effects of Pollution on the Environmental Ecosystem. By: scarlet rubie


What did you do well?

I really liked my visual text as I put a lot of work into it finding all the images and my Newspaper article as I tried really hard to make it exactly like something you would see in a newspaper and make it extremely persuasive. I also did well on planning out the adobe spark which I’m happy with now.

What would you do differently if you had to do the task again?

I would probably spend more time on my newspaper article. So I can get all the necessary information into it use a lot of facts and really design it so it’s all laid out perfectly. I would also focus on the adobe spark and learn more about it.

What help did you need?

I needed help figuring what order to do it and whatever I needed to do next so I wasn’t rushing ahead or forget something. I also needed help on my visual text a bit to find out exactly what I needed to do and I needed some help for getting my word document into a image but in the end I got the help I needed and figured it out.

The main thing I have learned about the art of persuasion in this task is:

That you really have to be out there and be extremely convincing points, use persuasive words, have facts and evidence. You need to use bold, highlight important things, really show the problem, have pictures that are evidence and include some points relating back to your big point.

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