Reflective Portfolio Lauren Suelke

I began Labor Economics using general phrases and improper references. By the end of the course I am now easily able to cite my sources in a way that flows with my information.

Improper Citations

"Along with indifference curves, the book explains budget constraint lines and their use. These lines show income per day based on hourly pay and the amount of hours worked." - CPA1

"The chapter continues to look at the supply of labor." - CPA2

"Hsin and Center suggest that parents with more education often..." - Research Portfolio Draft

While using APA format, in-text citations can be used in multiple ways. However, proper citations never reference the book or chapter in this way, rather, they reference the author(s) and year published.

When referencing, I've stopped assuming the reader knows 'the book' or 'the chapter'. By using proper APA citation, the reader knows both the author and year that the work was published. They can then find more information at the end of the essay by viewing the full citation.

Comments made on my earlier work that asked for such changes:

"when referencing information from the text, the common standard is to reference the authors not 'the book'. For example, in your summary, you might say: "McConnell et al. (2017) offer criticisms ..." instead of "The book offers criticisms ..."."

"Specifically, I encourage you to focus on your in-text citations. Whenever you state a finding, statistic, or theory be sure you provide the supporting evidence for that claim. Without including these citations, you lose credibility as an author because the reader does not know from where you have retrieved this information." - Draft of Research Portfolio

Using proper citations:

"McConnell et al. (2017) takes this assertion and compares it to Adam Smith’s concept of the 'invisible hand'" - CPA5

"Accordingly, the level of education a person has before becoming a parent heavily influences the time and care constraints of a newborn (Hsin & Felfe, 2014)." - Final Paper Draft 1

These later citations use proper APA citations and reference scholarly articles by their author and year.

Not only are my citations made properly, they are used frequently throughout my final paper. My first drafts were full of facts that I found but had incorporated in the paper without proper use of in-text citations. This is essential and I have practiced using these citations as often as necessary.

For Example:

Before: "Clearly then, certain parental policies have a significant impact on labor force participation rate of parents." - Research Portfolio

After: "Clearly then, parental policies have the potential to significantly impact the labor force participation rate of parents (Misra & Strader, 2013)".

Statements like this were made without citation when there is absolutely one needed. These changes are not difficult but are obviously necessary. This class allowed for me to practice reading through my papers with an eye for which sentences are not my own and need proper references.

Citations and proper referencing as the most prevalent problem within my assignments during this class have been practiced throughout the multiple CPAs and research drafts. As a writing intensive course, my work in this class has become more reliable and surely more credible.


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