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"Is it because I think so much of warm and sensitive hearts, that I would spare them from being wounded ?"

Charles Dickens, born on February 7 ,1812 and dead on June 9, 1870, wrote famous books such as A Christmas Carol. David Copperfield and Oliver Twist. For all these books written he is regarded as the greatest Victorian era author. He was also a sentimental and loving man-except for his wife whom he lost affection for after his marriage. After the death of his sister in law, Mary Hogarth, he was destroyed; even wearing her ring for the rest of his life and and keeping her clothes.

Charles Dickens (left), his wife Catherine (mid), and Mary Hogarth (right)

Oliver Twist details the harrowing life of a country orphan whose name you could guess. He was given to the local parish who sent him off to a group home with a woman who starved and beat him, along with the other boys. When he became older he was given back to the parish who tried to sell him to an undertaker as an apprentice. There he was again starved and beaten by the undertaker's wife and the charity boy's mother. He was also constantly harassed by the charity boy; The charity boy was eventually the catalyst for Oliver's inner awakening. He fights of the boy and runs away to London where he meets a shady character named the Dodger. The Dodger brings Oliver to a snaggle-toothed, decrepit, wrinkled old man called the Jew. The Jew is a fence for The Dodger and fellow thief Charlie Bates. They steal a rich man's handkerchief and Oliver is left behind to take the blame when they are caught. When he is taken in to the local jail the man who is stolen from helps Oliver and cares for him while he is sick. Then something else probably happens but I haven't read that far yet.

Oliver Twist is the longest book Charles Dickens ever wrote. Oliver Twist was later turned into a movie, that got 6.9 stars on IMDB.

He would rather go through more pain and suffer for good people, than have them feel the same pain. Oliver's life has been full of difficulty and suffering. He knows what it is to feel hopeless, to have the world against you and he wants to protect those who have helped him, no matter the cost.

I personally have been sheltered my entire life. Mainly by my family, from my family. I have a plethora of mental illness and junkies in my little band of Mexican gypsies. My mother for the most part has not allowed me near them and all but cut them off. I have been with them before and all three times I got into a fight with one or more of them, so those precautions were well placed. I know even if she is annoyed with them, she still loves them and she is willing to bear that burden for me and my brother, like Oliver bears pain for those who help him.

Movie and book cover for Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is constantly assaulted by life. In the book cover, he is shown in the iconic scene where he helps the other boys to ask for more gruel, and is subsequently thrown in a dungeon and almost hanged. Oliver, being a strong and caring soul, is willing to help the other boys, even though he knows it won't work and he will be punished. He would rather take the inevitable punishment than one of the other boys have to experience them. The picture show me that Oliver truly cares for the people around him; even as life beats him for caring he always finds room in his heart to care just a little more.

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