Saint Fiacre By: Emily Lievano

Saint Fiacre was born sometime in 607 AD. The exact date is not documented.

On August 18, 670 AD to unknown caused. Fiacre was about 63 years old when he passed away.

Saint Fiacre was most often depicted with a shovel in hand and placed a farm or garden scenery.

He is the patron Saint of gardeners.

Along with being the patron Saint of gardening, Saint Fiacre also patronages medicine and venereal diseases (STD's)

Along with those patronages, Saint Fiacre is also the patron Saint of hemorrhoids.

Saint Fiacre's feast day is August 30th.

When Fiacre was growing up, he lived in a hermitage in Ireland.

He decided to leave his native land and travel to France.

He lived his life from there on dedicated to gardens and Bishop Faro.

Saint Fiacre,

Please help all those who are suffering with hemorrhoids and sexually transmitted diseases. And that our gardens may bloom with the finest species of flowers. Amen.

I have neither given nor received any any unauthorized help on this work.

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