Child Labor

jobs in the mills are very dangerous, the reason why the factories send in the little kids to go inside the machines when it needs to be fixed because there small but there's a big risk because kids flesh is being put inside a machine that is threading cotton so they could bleed out.

he industrial revolution started in the 18th century and spread to other parts of the world, the reason that child labor began was because families needed the money to survive, so they sent they their children off to work. The usual jobs for children to work in were mills, there were curtain jobs in these mills it tended to be that kids at the age of seven would do the jobs that needed to be done fast, like doffers what the child had to do is remove spools filled by the spinning machines. factories carried lot of lint factory so there was a job for the boys who just started working in the mills they went around the factory sweeping up as much lint as possible. some working conditions that the mill workers have to deal with are polutions in the air of the mill that there in and the windows are sealed shut. There were many fatalities of children because they had to usually get something out of the machines

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