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The Plough in Staining

Music Songs Poems & Pints

Every Tuesday from 8:30pm (ish)

360° Video Seamus O'Doherty Live Singing "Loving Hearts" with Pete on Emerald Amicus:-

A friendly (none too serious) gathering of like minded people who enjoy making music, singing and reciting poems/monologues having a few drinks, some sandwiches and a laugh (and maybe the odd cry) and in general a social interaction involving Music, Songs, Poems & Pints (or observation of the previous mentioned) - basically a fun session involving music and the spoken word. 'appen a bit of fun might describe it better. (Evening Gazette)
It's a Sing-around (observer)
an excuse for a few pints and a laugh (Landlord)
Now't on tele might as well pop in (TV Times)
There are no strangers at the plough music songs poems & Pints session only frinds we haven't met yet...... (US)

St Patrick's Night 2016 @ The Plough

St Patrick's Day 2016 at The Plough Staining


A Few stills from the night

Welcome to the plough......
Penny Black with Rhythm Section
Penny Black+ Bill, Pete, John(RIP), Eric (RIP).

The Music Songs Poems & Pints sessions started when Pete & John (Penny Black) called in for a pint after a Radio Lancashire Broadcast. One of the regulars ask them to Sing "The Belle" for his Dad, and after a bit of coercion for the Landlord (Ian Campbell), PB obliged and what started out as "a song" continued into a night of music (Eric popped home for Bodhran and Lorraine arrived to add some prettier songs) - the table was filled with drinks, and the night was a great success! The Falcon Session came to an end shortly afterwards and Ian Campbell asked PB to move into the Plough on a Tuesday - the rest is history....

Two Thirds of Clansfolk
Pete & Eileen 2/3 Clansfolk
Give her a squeeze, Eileen
It's the Guinness
Pete John & Eric (RIP)
the wonderful jiva

Jimmy (sadly no longer with us) & Val - two lovely people We are proud to call "Our Friends"

jiva was formed when Jimmy ('ji') and Val ('va') got together again in 2002 after 30 years when Val moved back to Northumberland. Since then they have built a solid reputation (not only in the North East, but across the UK) as performers of quality self-penned material and interpreters of carefully chosen songs by other artists.

Donald (RIP) Have you heard this one?
Donald (RIP)

Donald (RIP), Regular supporter, and the odd teller of jokes (or the teller of "odd jokes") Sadly missed from the gatherings.

Got to Sing - Got To Dance......
Delia in full voice
MK1 - Reciter of Poems/Monologues & Singer of Songs
Paul Morris - "Whistling Rufus"
Paul Morris

Although no longer a local to the area Paul often comes across to play a few tunes and it's always great to see and hear him.

Sir John (Gibney)
John Gibney

Old Mate John Gibney, will often pop into The Plough, for a Guinness (and a song about the same!), fellow performer who has played alongside Pete in "Mighty Wind" and supplemented The Penny Black Duo!

Monsieur Doug

Although now living and singing (with his lovely wife Karen) in France still manages many visits to The Plough

The Irreplaceable Jimmy Rose
Jimmy Rose (RIP)
John Cruickshank & Co
Phil the Fiddler
Pete & Phil
Paul 'n' Kevin
Paul & Kevin
Steve - the stalwart

Steve was a regular of The Falcon, and when that session moved to The Plough in the early 21st Century, Steve came too, bringing his great songs, music and friendship. Steve is a member of "Past Caring", a solo artiste and the Dad to the talent known as Hamish (The Bassman and Soundking)

Seamus O'Doherty the Second - (but always first to us)
Seamus O'Doherty

Singer/Songwriter, Seamus O'Doherty is the nephew of the famous Irish tenor Seamus O'Doherty, not only is Seamus a great Singer and Songsmith but a great Friend, Pete had the great pleasure in being involved in the production of Seamus's albums (check them out on Digital Music Sites) and Christmas 2015 saw the release of a Clansfolk/O'Doherty EP "To One & All" collaboration with Pete, Eileen, Simon(Skinner aka Clansfolk) & Seamus and Kieran (O'Doherty).

Victoriana Singer /QChordist

Victoriana is the daughter of Peter (Weetman) one of the few players of a QChord which she does to great effect whilst singing an eclectic range of songs, both solo and with her Dad,

Our Sharon

Another ex Falcon member, married to Ken (RIP), singer guitarist with the odd song or two under her belt.

Ken (RIP) master of the Gob Iron!
Ken RIP)

Ken (RIP), Mouth Organist and Singer (seldom at the same time!) a regular in The Falcon Days, Married to Kath, and was a member of "Past Caring"

Jill & Peter Share a song
Jill & Peter
Peter in Irish Mode!
Jill in fine voice

Jill in fine voice (as usual!) when not being Jill, she also doubles for Elaine, when Pete's doing 'The Song'

Kieran - Not the worse day.....
Kieran O'Doherty

Kieran is a singer/songwriter/guitarist & actor, son of Seamus and a welcome regular (when time allows) at The Plough

Lorraine sing us another

Lorraine is another ex-regulars from The Falcon Days, was at the original night that started what is now Music Songs Poems & Pints, Beautiful voice.

Mary (No not Hopkins) Better!

Mary has a beautiful voice which she accompanies with her gentle guitar style - always a pleasure to listen to.

The Polyjesters - Do The Plough
The Polyjesters

Anyone who was there (or in the village) will not forget the night The Polyjesters did the Plough as part of their UK tour, what a great bunch of talented lads.

Penny Black Support The Polyjesters
Penny Black
The Polyjesters
Alan Bell presenting cheque to PB for ARC Collection

Not only a great night of music from The Polyjesters (and Penny Black) but a donation from FFF for ARC.

something for the ARC collection
John (RIP), Alan Bell, Bill & Pete

Alan Bell presents a cheque to The Penny Black ARC Collection, on behalf of "Penny Dreadful" FFF

Evenings at The Plough "Music Songs Poems & Pints"

Christmas 2015

To One & All - Merry Christmas

Emerald Guitars Christmas Family Gathering

St Patrick's Day 2015

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