My fishing trip Gavin Rice


The first time I went fishing my dad and me went to cassville and went on the mississippi. We put our boat in on slickers landing. So we put our boat in and went fishing. The first spot we went to was a spillway and I caught two northern pikes that were around 20 inches long and one sheep head and he was 18 inches long. After that we went to hit up some wing dame’s and the first time we trolde the wing dame and I caught three bass but they were too small so we had to throw them back.


Right after we got done trolling that, we started casting against the wing dame and then I hooked something and it felt like a snage so my dad tried to get it out and then my line went loose and I thought that my dad broke my line. I told my dad that it felt like a fish. Then he said “ it was a snag”. Gavin keeped on saying that “it felt like fish” and all of the sudden Gavin’s line tightened and something was tugging on it really hard and I told him “to reel it in every time he got a chance had a chance so did he did.

We Cought some

Then my dad was looking in the water to see if we could see it then he said “ saw a big white outline in the water but it was only there for a split second and then it took of again”. Then I looked over to see gavin's pole bending and he thought it was about to snap. Then it came out of the water and my he scooped it out with my grandpas net and it was huge. It was 42 inches long and really fat it was a really good northern pike. Then we put him in the cooler and went home. When we got home we got a cutting board and filleted the fish and rinsed them off so we could eat them for diner. And it was very delicious we had corn on the cob mashed potatoes green beans and pepsi and for dessert we had pumpkin pie and then I went to bed with a full stomach and had a good night rest for the next day.

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