Traps to Avoid When comparing and contrasting

1. Don't forget the question or the concept Or you'll be...

Yeah, it's that bad!

...Off topic!

Important Public Service Announcement:

Seriously: If you are asked to compare two texts in the context of globalization and sustainability and you start talking about our addiction to technology and its effects on our brains...

You're Off Topic!

2. Comparing without connecting:

Disconnected vs Connected

On the one hand you write about the juice one can extract from an orange and compare it with.... an apple's vitamins...????


Aspect Juice: Apple vs Orange Aspect Vitamins: Apple vs Orange

Compare and contrast one aspect of each text for every paragraph. But don't be afraid to connect with other knowledge from other sources to develop your idea. Support with examples from both texts.

3. Keep it short but deep!

Short distance straight and deep in the net! SCORE!


Clearly state what you want to say. Describe or define by giving examples from the texts (which don't need to be recalled in more details than the actual texts! ). Longer is not better when it could have been said with less words.

4. Don't write on the surface of many aspects...


Be thorough about the aspects you get to cover.



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