INTERIOR BIRTHING CENTER INTERIOR BIRTHING CENTER'S professional design team consulted with midwives, childbirth educators, and families in the community. More than just an alternative to hospital or home birth, this birth center provides deep tubs, room to move, amenities and tools to promote normal labor and birth, space for family, and privacy when you want it. The peaceful rooms are perfect for meeting your baby. You can do this. We'll support you.

Call now to set up your reservation for our guided tour of the Birthing Center. Talk to your provider about your options and risks, then consult with our staff to help make sure you are in charge of your child's birth. Low intervention, water birth, family setting- it's up to you- and our medical staff is standing by through the whole process to ensure your and your baby's safety and security.

Interior Birthing Center is a healthcare facility that offers a wide variety of support and natural options for pregnant and birthing mothers. Nurse-midwives, licensed midwives and OB/GYN physicians have privileges to assist mothers and deliver babies both in the birthing center and the hospital.

Birth centers offer birthing moms a home-like setting in a medical environment. The birth rooms often resemble a room from a house and the smaller support staff offers a more natural approach to labor and delivery. While some birth centers, like the ones located inside of hospitals, can still have a medical feel to them, we strive to provide a comfortable, home-like environment and to honor the patient's wishes and safely follow birth plans. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, patients are transferred to the nearest hospital, which is established as part of the birth plan.

INTERIOR BIRTHING CENTER • (907) 328-0505 • 1626 30th Ave, Fairbanks



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