An Enjoyable Night at Constans Theatre Xinyi Pan

The Spatial Experience: This is my first visit to the Constans Theatre. When I came into the lobby with my friends, I saw many paintings and strange artworks. We are very excited and take pictures with those artworks. I think the size of the auditorium is really good. As for me, the appropriate size of the auditorium not only made me pay more attention on what actors acting but also allowed me to interact with actors. We sit in the front row of the auditorium, which gives us a good atmosphere to watch the performance. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I dedicated to watch the performance.

In the Lobby

The Social Experience: I attended the performance with my friends. Before the the performance started, I watched the video introduction and the description about performance to help me better understand it. Actually, I didn't really understand the performance, because the actors spoke so fast. So, I can discuss with my friends about the performance after the show. On the way we back home, we talked about what the performance mainly about, and share our own opinions about the main characters. And we both think the actor who play Michaud is the best actor.

With My Friends

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The story was happened in 1905, Quebec City, Canada. I think the central issue addressed in the play is the religion and different life in different social class. I think the main matter is that Talbot didn't told other people what happened to him. Before I attended to the performance, I know nothing about that. Because in China, we don't discuss a lot about religion, and I don't have belief. It helped me know more about the dark side of the society and history which I didn't learn from the textbook. I think the subject matter of this play does not have any relationship with me.

A Still from the Performance

The Emotional Experience: I think this play points out many things like what Dr. Pagán talked about. For example, the main character Talbot was sexual assaulted by the priest. After know that, the other seminarian, Michaud encouraged him to tell this to others and come clean. But after considered the consequences he will face and the economic condition of his family, he refused to do that. Then, Michaud is the one who kathatsis, he wrote a letter to the police about what Talbot had encountered. This provided us an opportunity for katharsis, and showed audience the truth of some "dark things" we didn't know before.

After the Performance

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