Patterns in Music Melodic pattern, and ones Human Emotions

La La La or Dum Dum Dum

Which one makes you feel better or worse? Are your emotions sparked? Do you feel happy or sad, angry or mad? Or are you simply confused?

Its like a twist of Emotions

How can patterns in music affect peoples emotions?

Studies have shown that people have been affected by or show more emotion when they are listening to or making Music. We change our way of thinking, and our behaviors towards our selves and towards others.


It is a fact that some happy music does not have as big as an affect on people as sad music does. But, happy music does have a big affect on us as people. Patterns in Happy music seem to go up and down on the scale playing in a playful tune. Happy music is almost always on the high scales, very rarely is it on a lower scale.


Sad music has a huge impact compared to happy music and moderate music, because the world today is getting more depressed and sorrowful. When we’re upset, we often get lost in our own thoughts. Sad music helps us connect with something outside of our own spiraling negativity. We empathize with someone else’s problems and forget our own for a moment. Sad music had a pattern on the scale of moving down, in a tone that would be like Dum, Dum. It will most always be one the lower scales playing low notes, but there are high note sad songs that do play, they are just made in a pattern of notes that might not sound the best but with other music is sounds sad.


Neutral Music had very little impacted on peoples lives. This is because neutral can lean to either side of the happy sad scale so it depends on you were it points. A song could be happy to some people and then be sad to other people. Neutral makes it so that your brain can decide what side it wants to be on. That is why there is no impact because neutral music is just a rhythm to us, unless we decide to make it something. Neutral has a mix of sad and happy music. Going up and down on the scale like a steady hum.

Patterns are in the Music

Patterns are in music, they are in the notes and the key signature even if there is a change it will always go back to the way it was. It’s kinda like on one big loop. Notes repeat them selves to make patterns in notes, and then you can, listen to the music and here the drops low and high notes in the music creating a pattern not only in your mind but also in your emotions.

More on Music

One of the fascinating things that has become clear is that people from very different cultures and backgrounds will often agree on whether a piece of music sounds happy or sad. By listening to the patterns in the song it will play happy or sad making it easier for you to hear if it is happy or sad.

Music has always been the language of intense emotion: we use it to mark great victories, mourn the passing loved ones alike, and soundtrack our relationships. Life without it is, for most of us, almost unthinkable.


All in all there are patterns in music that can affect our emotions. Sad depressing music is most likely out of the music to affect our emotions. The patterns are shown in key signature and the notes. You just have to listen. Minor key signatures are more of sad music, major keys are happy and moderate music. So thank you for listening.

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