Murder Why and how does it happen?

What type of person commits muder?

The insane

the obsessive

the paranoid

the tramatized

the overcontrolled hostility type

chronically aggressive type

the just plain bad and angry

What happens in the mind of a killer?

A killer has to overcome a lot of things to be able to pull the trigger and commit the crimes they do. Pulling the trigger is a hard thing to do. Being the evil one is not easy no matter what you may think. Our human brains are wired for compassion, empathy, and guilt. Not everyone has the same amount of these things but still......we all have them. So what causes someone to get to the point of killing someone? No job, no money, stress, and probably some childhood experiences.

Some people don't have someone to talk to about their problems. They may not even have something to do that they enjoy to help them relieve stress. This results in a strong inner pressure of anger . Sometimes it comes out as an urge to kill. Often the wrong person gets killed not the original target.

"Neat job," the coroner noted. The body lay against a car in the deserted highschool parking lot, the lights barely illuminating the lot and the body.

Perkins frowned. "I've got three suspects in there. Two women and a man. Any help you can give me?" "

Take your pick. We've got the weapon- its a boning knife." He shrugged at the Sheriff's puzzled look. "You clean fish with it. And before you ask no fingerprints."

Shaking his head, Perkins went inside to look for answers.

"You Found the body?"

Glenn Tovler nodded. "Out back," he said in a hushed voice. The weedy little man admitted that he'd just been through a divorce, and this adult cooking class was his way of trying to get out a little. He spotted the body when taking something to his own car.

"Did you touch the body, disturb the scene at all?"

Glenn looked apalled. 'I wouldn't go near it! Once I saw that boning knife in his back I came right in and called the 911!"

"Did you know Jean-Paul?"

"Sort of"Glenn said. "This was only our second class. Guess it's our last one too."

Anna Potter was composed. "We'd finished and most of the class had gone, including Jean-Paul, who thanked the three of us for volunteering to stay late and clean up. I was loading the dishwasher when Glenn came in, hysterical."

"Were you loading knives into the dish washer?" the sheriff asked.

She gestured around the room, the high school's culinary arts classroom. At each of a dozen work spaces, there was a knife block with black handled knives sticking out. the sheriff noted that most of the blocks had empty places. "No, I wasn't, but would it matter? They're all around."

Perkins agreed. Definitely no shortage of knives. "Did you know Jean Paul outside of class?"

"No, but he's a flirty guy. Ask Ella."

"She knew him?"

"She certainly wated to. I heard her crying after she talked with him tonight."

A somber Ella shrugged. "He seemed nice enough."

"You didn't see him outside of class?"

She hesitated, then shook her head.

"We heard he made you cry today."

"He......said he was interested in someone else."

Perkins asked if he said who it was.

"Anna maybe?" she suggested. "He didn't say."

"Were you out back at all after class?"

"We all were. Dumping trash, putting stuff in our cars." Perkins asked if she'd seen Jean Paul out there. but she shook her head again.

Perkins frowned. someone was misleading him, and it took a moment to figure who it was.


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