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My name is Marwa and I'm from London currently studying in Valdosta state a small town in the south of Georgia and on this page I’ll be explaining my media usages over 5 days and comparing it to the Nielsen report, I’ll be focusing on my social media usage and tv habits. my usages are unique to me and my current lifestyle because if I was back in the united kingdom my media usage would be very different so even though the Nielsen report is very detailed you cant use it to generalize. so comparing my media usage it to the Nielsen report will be interesting for me and you. the main objective of this report will be.

  • Finding patterns and similarities in my consumptions to the Nielsen report
  • Objectively comparing my media consumption to the Nielsen report
  • Comparing my time spent on social media compared to Nielsen report

in addition please find below a break down of my media log for the 5 days in hours.

Twitter and Snapchat

I’ve had twitter for over 6 years now mainly using it for personal usage ,I use it on a app that’s on my phone I never use it on my pc or tablet which is reflected on exhibited 1 on the Nielsen report which shows the rise of people using apps on mobile phones. Furthermore based on exhibit one the time spent on apps on smartphones on average is 1;39 however for me it’s more like an average of 3;50 per day that’s a huge differences. The same could be applied to the rest of my social media especially snapchat which after twitter is the one app I use the most on my smartphone even though there isn't dater on the Nielsen report about snapchat yet, snapchat has hired Nielsen to conduct some research for them recently.


Under DVR and subscription video on demand it shows that there has been a rise in subscription videos and a decline in DVR this is also shown In my media log where it can be seen that I watch subscription videos on demand on a site called philo and don’t use DVR so that would put me in the 21.7% who only use subscription video on demand. However I don’t fit in exactly since I watch philo on my laptop instead of a TV which most people do. lastly on table 1A it shows the breakdown of the minutes and hours spent on the interne on a pc which for 18+ is 6;43 however I exceed that amount but again that’s mainly because of my living arrangement.


On the Nielsen report it shows that black individuals mostly watch live tv. however when I compare it to my own media usage I find that it doesn’t correlate with my own usages as I spent the majority of my ‘’tv watching’’ on Netflix. however I do fit into the percentage that use their digital devices to watch tv. However since I’m a transit only in the states for a few months I’m using this time to take advantage of the American Netflix with shows I wouldn’t normally have access to. That’s why the time I spend watching Netflix and shows are higher than those reported on the Nielsen report. On exhibited 1 you can see the rise of people using the internet on their pc and I’m one of them I use it to watch my shows and use it to skype my family friends.


WhatsApp is an app that I have on my smartphone that allows me to send messages and video calls and phone call it’s a great app it allows me easy communications between my friends and family back home in London. they can send me videos of my English tv shows, and also recently my cousin got married and this app allowed me to be able to watch the whole wedding via video. It’s free and uses your dater or Wi-Fi. It’s classified as a social media. and like twitter I use it frequently especially since its on my smartphone which of course makes it easier to use, however I gave WhatsApp its own section even though it is a social media because of the fact that I use it mainly use it to consume videos so I use it as video platform rather than app so I would classify it as a video app. On table 6 of the Nielsen report it discuss the smartphone video viewing for people over the age of 18. They spent in a month over 10 hours consuming videos on smartphones which is similar to my video consumption and I believe that if I carried on my media log I would also spend that much time if not more.


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