Yessenia Navarro Genius Hour How can I improve the way i bake a TIRAMISU cake in the course of 6 weeks ?

Blog post #1 I have decided to focus on the way I bake a tiramisu and improve my baking in the course of 6 weeks . This topic is important to me because i really enjoy baking and cooking . Its also i would really take interest in and not just do it because i have to have a project done for genius hour . My goals are to find a good recipe and make the perfect tiramisu . I would also want to have good edited video to present in genius hour .I will measure my goals by checking my improvements every weeks . like seeing how many mistakes i have done each time i bake it or how long is gonna take me to edit a video .

Blog post #2 I have learned the instructions step by step to do my recipe .I have also learned the ingredients my recipe is gonna have . Something i learned about myself is that I get frustrated easily because I was looking for a recipe and I was getting frustrated just because I didn't know which one to choose .This week I used a website as my research I choose this recipe because it had instructions that are understandable and it looked better than the other ones I was looking at . After this I think i'm gonna look up a video that shows me how to do it .

Blog post #3 Something I have learned about my topic is that its actually not as hard as i thought . It looks complicated but once you read the instructions carefully it sounds pretty easy except for the part of making coffee .Because I don't drink coffee so i don't know how to make coffee and how would I even know if it came out good if I don't like coffee Something I have learned about myself is that i'm confident but i'm not that confident . Because i think the recipe might be easy but at the same time I think I might ruin the recipe . This week I used a video as research just to tech me a few more things about editing . After i'm going to watch a video on how to actually make it since i haven't looked at one .

Blog post #4 I have learned that doing the tiramisu its not as hard as i thought it was kinda easy it . It takes a lot of patience though mostly when i am making the sauce with the egg yolks . Something i have learned about myself is that i am not patient at all i would get frustrated when i would make the sauce . This week i used a video which helped a lot because it was much easier to see what she was doing than reading it helped clear out some confusions I had . I think from here I just have to practice a few more times and record my video .

Blog post # 5 Something i have learned about the project is that when recording a video and editing a video you need time and its not something you can do in one day . Something I have learned about my self is that i'm not that good at editing videos . It was really hard to edit the video I thought it was gonna be much easier but it was really difficult . The research source I have used this week is website that helped while editing . It gave me tips on what to do and what not do which was good . I think from here i just need to give that last touches to my video and make sure I like it then on the week of finals bring the tiramisu so that the class can taste it .

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