The African Wild Dog Samantha Mason

Scientific name: Lycaon pictus, which means painted wolf

- Fur of every wild dog is unique

- Only 4 toes per paw

- Run at 45 mph

- Feed pups like birds

- Life span is 10-12 years

- Weigh 75 lbs

- Can be found in deserts, forests, and grasslands

- Mostly found in Southern Africa in countries such as Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania

- Zambia may be the only place with a large enough population to relocate ever

- Live in packs of anywhere from 10 to 40 dogs

- Led by an alpha couple that mates for life. Female has 2-20 pups per litter and are raised by entire pack

- Hunt what is considered "medium" sized game: gazelles and antelopes but a large pack may hunt animals as big as wildebeests.

- Give birth in underground tunnels

- Doesn't neglect sick or old

- Pack territory can span 90 mi

- Only a little over 6,500 left in the wild and they have been on the endangered list for over 20 years

- Farmers, plants with pesticides, humans cut them off from food supply, rabies and distemper, lions

- Difficult to breed because they won't interbreed

- AWDC, the African Wild Dog Conservation

- The location deemed most critical to preserve the species is in eastern Zambia in the South Luangwa region, 10,000 sq km and 6 packs between the two parks

- Second most important species to conserve behind the Ethiopian wolf.

- In operation since 1999 and their main focus is to gather enough information to devise a solid plan with help from the Zambian Wildlife Authority

- Community outreach

- 4 step plan

1. population of dogs is evenly divided between two Zambian National parks by forming a "wildlife corridor" (Panda) through Game Management Areas

2. Build community outreach efforts and have long-term efforts to track the dogs

3. Work with the Zambian Wildlife Authority to expand their area and oversee that their management plan is enforced for local packs

4. To increase the populations of dogs by using their genetic data to ensure some genetic diversity between the parks.

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