Rehearsal Live Share Your lockdown solution and more!

The COVID-19 Era

Everyone has been hit hard by recent events. Those of us who love and work in live theatre are feeling it acutely, given how completely shut down we of course must be to combat a highly transmissible virus. We'll get back to normal in due course. But what do we do in the mean time?

The Show Must Go On!

When lockdown measures were announced in March, we at Realtime Music Solutions (RMS) wondered along with many production teams around the world what this would mean for live theatre. It quickly became clear that we were in for the long haul, and we felt uniquely positioned to address this new need. Our development team put other projects on hold and immediately started working on tools to help producers and educators during this strange time. We are now happy to announce a resource not just ideally suited to the moment, but something we believe will be indispensable long after this crisis has passed.

Rehearsal Live Share

The idea behind Rehearsal Live Share (RLS) is to provide the same direct, immediate contact between a music director/teacher and an actor/student rehearsing - the real-time back and forth that customarily happens in a rehearsal room - but now remotely, with each participant at home. Since RLS will be built into our other apps, the accompaniment is already available and can be manipulated on the fly. Separate mix controls allow you to adjust the relative volumes of accompaniment and voices. And while the singer is singing, the director can continue to give directions. "Careful not to speed up." "Don't forget to breathe." etc.

RLS In Action

Can't I do this on Zoom?

Zoom and the other popular computer video platforms are designed for speech and business use. They are optimized around the concept that one person talks, then the next, and so on, with mechanisms to screen out any other sounds masking the primary voice. As such, they are not well suited to a music rehearsal, where multiple voices and an accompaniment are heard together. Plus, while certain things can be helped through some technical tweaking, the process can be cumbersome. We've addressed all this with our "music first" design.

When Can I Get It?

We plan to release this with our RMS Coach rehearsal product within the next few weeks. Current customers can download a free update and start rehearsing remotely. In the weeks/months thereafter, we will add RLS to our other apps, so you can rehearse with full orchestral accompaniment via Sinfonia and RMS Mix.

You're Locked Down, But Your Show Doesn't Need To Be.

We have many features we plan to add in the near future. Stay tuned as we make RLS ever more powerful and useful. We expect this will be a key asset to the rehearsals and production of live musical performance - among the most important we've ever developed.


Use the button below to get in touch. We're really excited to talk about Rehearsal Live Share and can't wait to share it with you!